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solutions to life problems​

You’re welcome to witchcraft life by Doctor Nduga an African spells caster. I believe that everyone has the chance to improve their life, yet they do not have access to the information they need in order to do so.

My ability to connect with the energy systems of my clients, and touch on important details from past, present and future events enables me to provide my clients with useful information in order to make impactful life changes with African witchcraft spells.

 witchcraft spells


Forget what you heard about witchcraft and remember its a solution to your problems that will never fail


If you truly seek help, then you know no man is an island. Working with me in a cooperative manner will simplify everything.


There is no discrimination, favoritism, nor racism basing on anything {religion, sexual orientation}. With Doctor Nduga feel at home and get the best out of your consultation.


I am not putting myself on a pedestal, but rather stating the truth that all my clients have realized success a fast as possible.


Traditional healing works in many and mysterious ways.


Casting spells is one thing and helping out people is also another. I am here as a helping hand to those with hardships, people who have suffered psychologically and physically.

Pain isn’t getting burnt, it can be experienced in many forms. Like break ups, fights in relationships, family disputes, divorce, lack of jobs, bad luck and more.

happines spells and chants

Don’t weep all your life. Rather let me Doctor Nduga help you out.

bad luck removal

Is it you or mere bad luck? There is a reason to why you feel emptiness all the time.

How to put roots on someone to make them love you

African witchcraft never failed, I was born to lift people’s problems and issues like yours.

My services are based on the Baganda culture and norms. People that go further to categorize such healing as Wicca, voodoo, hoodoo, white magic and black magic.

All these are titles people give things based upon their perspective. African witchcraft is no different, the only way we differentiate magic is the intent of a person.

Through summoning my ancestral spirits and those of my forefathers a process called spells casting. I am able to help people in many ways.

I work hand in hand with the spirits and ancestors of my family to decipher any mysteries in a person’s life. Find the root cause and best solution to their problems.

The ancestors have never failed me and as well I try my level best never to fail them too. I am never whole without them and them as well.


fix broken relationships


Rejuvenate love in your relationship. Strengthen the bond between you and sweet heart. Return happy moments back into your life. At least you are brave enough to take on such responsibility.

Most relationships survive due to presence of people like you. Those that still see future and hope in the relationship.

witchcraft protection spells and charms


We live in a world full of unseen creatures and people with hidden agendas. Some of which wish harm to us, and a few make it their quest to fulfill. Of course no one is willing to sabotage your life and wants to fail. They take on means that are not only dangerous to you but their lives too.

Bad djinns, evil spirits, evil eyes, curses, hexes, black magic aiming at you will not fail. But with protection from me rest assured that you are safe always.

witchcraft cleansing spells and rituals


I know you may be unaware of the danger you are up against. And it was successful at making your life a living hell.

Even without such circumstances, cleansing is something you should at least do twice a year. In African tradition {my family} at every family gathering that takes place in June and December. A cleansing ceremony is a must to relieve us from hexes, bad energy and more.

Make it your habit to do both body and aura cleansing to remove all the negative energy in your aura and life. There are also other types of cleansing that include property and business.

Schedule a cleansing session with me {use the contact form below}.

INCREASE LUCK & FORTUNE spells and rituals


Luck is naturally born with someone and everyone entitled to a share in their life-time. Though because of some circumstances it can fade out or be deflected. This can be done by karma, evil eyes, and spirits, hexes, bad energy that one’s luck is useless to them.

You are also wondering what you did to deserve such a thing but quote me right “it might not be your fault but the actions of other people”.

That’s why cleansing is one of the essentials services I recommend to all my first-time clients. To relieve one of all the unknown and bad things.

Revamp your luck and see success in life as soon as you can. Win job interviews, lotteries, survive miscellaneous things like being accused and more.

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