I am a Witch Doctor who believes that all problems have a source and that it is through the unique powers of the universe that one can be able to identify the source and replenish it with positive energies. You should note it that i works in an impeccable manner and all his work bares results.

People know me as Nduga. Nduga Means a spiritual or traditional leader of the clan in Buganda Culture around Lake Victoria. Buganda is a tribe found in Central part of Uganda around a large water body known as Lake Victoria.

My name means traditional seer given to me by my Grandfather. I succeeded my father and became a fulltime healer after his death in 2003, since then it has been my responsibility to carry on the family traditions and gifts to the community near and far.

Buganda Traditional healers and not affiliated to any politics, only the affairs of the traditions, norms and customs of our ancestors and to preserve our heritage. No person is in charge of choosing who should become the next spiritual leader, all is in the hands of the ancestors to bless those that are worthy and grant them gifts and abilities to take on the responsibility of helping others. And guiding them on the right paths in life.

Among the services I offer is bring back lost lovers or Ex. Do make you attract new love into your life. Make you eliminate dark energies or curses. For specific problems contact me we discuss your issue in person.

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