Doing Magic with Other People – Join My Monthly Ritual

Doing Magic with Other People - Join My Monthly Ritual

Many spell casters and voodoo priest never work alone, not entirely. Rituals can be performed with many people actually like a congregation each contributing to the ritual in their capacity. If you all have the same intention and that is to better your lives and manifest happiness. Then you should not miss joining this monthly ritual.

Group magic is actually very powerful and advantage is that you can manifest stronger energies that will benefit everyone in the group. Some of you have tried casting spells on your own at home, some of which have manifested and other never. While there are those who lack privacy, knowledge and materials to do magic on your own.

Why this monthly ritual is right for you !

When voodoo rituals are done in group effort;

  • It is cheaper
  • You don’t need to be actually present for the ritual
  • Powerful material can be used which are rather expensive for a singular individual
  • Every member can contribute to one another’s healing with his/her positive energies
  • Just like covens, incase one of the members is really in need of a reckoning, the group can be called in for help on a particular issue of urgency

In African voodoo practices we normally do such rituals for the benefit of a community. Like to banish evil spirits, ghosts and the like form a town or village. And other to manifest prosperity in a family linage, bring rain and crop yields among others.

As you can see such rituals are powerful and beneficial not only to an individual but it goes beyond personal wants and needs.

It’s serious work and should be undertaken with sincerity and even reverence. Remember, you’re connecting with powerful forces beyond yourself and intentionally altering the course of not only your life but perhaps other people’s lives as well. That’s a big responsibility. As you walk the magical path, do it in the spirit of love, joy, passion, respect, and for the good of all concerned.

How to participate in the monthly voodoo ritual

Voodoo rituals mainly involve sacrifices and offerings that are aimed to pay the piper and rip rewards from him {the ancestral spirits}. This works in a give and take manner, the more you give is the more you can expect. While others may just be blessed and rewarded just because what they gave was sincerely what they really had and offered it in good faith.

The ancestors can see all and will know everything about you, and if you hold back on your offerings, they will do the same when rewarding you. I am not telling you to empty you savings account or miss on you bills. Just see on what is left and weigh it with what you want to manifest. Then there lies the best offering you can give.


If you look for a proactive way to do magic for yourself or want to participate in something bigger than yourself. Join this monthly right away, all you need is full name, email and message of what you want to manifest.

I recommend to do this immediately because the first 30 people are already catered for by on of my past patients. She promised to offer 5 bulls in your name, so miss at your own risk. Be blessed in all your endeavors, see you soon

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13 thoughts on “Doing Magic with Other People – Join My Monthly Ritual

  1. Enrique Fuentes says:

    I want to joing the group cuz I need help to reverse a curse and vanish evil spirits and negativity from me and my house and at same time I hopping to help others in the group. Thank you

    • Amanda Sturges says:

      O have been in such a very dark place for way to long . Absolutely nothing ever seems to work for me when ever I try to sort things out or read certain tips I become extremely confused . I can’t think clearly I just desperate need help

    • Nduga says:

      it is performed once a month we rescheduled to the first weekend because that is when most people have something to offer at the altar. Contact me through the available means i shall guide you in the right direction

  2. Patricia Ann Chapman says:

    I have been struggling all my life cant remember the time I was happiness Feels like a dark cloud hanging over my head. Please advice

  3. Heidi Richards says:

    Does this cost? I have no income lost job due to botched surgery, doing the wait game with social security disability.
    I know I’m different and I know I have a very bright light so bright it has brought an evil witch dr he claimed but honestly I’m sure he is demonic. I want to learn just what it is I can do I have felt magic and done a little bit.

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