Casting Effective Freezer Spells That Work

Freezer Spell That Works

Looking to stop someone in their tracks or freeze a situation that’s causing you harm? Freezer spells are a simple but powerful form of folk magic that can help. These icy enchantments harness supernatural energy to cool down conflicts, inhibit destructive behaviors, and paralyze sources of trouble in their tracks.

Freezer spells work by magically binding and freezing the target’s actions so they can no longer hurt you. The freezing effect puts obstacles in their path and restricts their ability to cause harm. This metaphysical deep freeze doesn’t physically freeze the target, but rather their capacity to negatively affect you or a situation.

These spells come in handy when dealing with aggressive people, legal/financial issues, gossip, addictions, or any other source of stress you want to temporarily disable. They can buy you time to handle problems on your terms. The freezing period can last a few weeks to several months depending on the strength of your spell.

Some of the most common ways to cast freezer spells is by writing the target’s name on paper, freezing it in water, and/or binding the paper packet with thread or string. Pictures, personal belongings, or even a sample of their handwriting can also be used in freezer spells to strengthen the magical link. As the paper or item freezes, so too are the target’s actions against you.

Every Freezer Spell For Different Use

With a basic understanding of freezer magic, even beginners can master these chilling binding techniques for protection, justice, and relief.

Keep Away From Me

Keep Away From Me Freezer Spell

Freeze someone out of your life who won’t leave you alone. This spell restricts a person’s ability to contact, interact with, or confront you. It’s ideal for creating distance from toxic exes, meddling in-laws, bullies, etc.

Items needed:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Water
  • Freezer bag or container

How to cast:

  1. Write the target’s name on paper along with “Keep away from me” 3 times.
  2. Place the paper in water just long enough to dampen it.
  3. Put the soggy paper in the freezer bag/container and freeze overnight.
  4. Bury the frozen paper off your property. As it thaws, so will their unwanted advances.

What to expect:

  • The target will lose interest and motivation to interact with or contact you.
  • If they try to reach out, circumstances will thwart their plans and delay interactions.
  • You’ll experience a peaceful, harassment-free existence and sense of control.
Binding Spell

Freezer Binding Spell

Paralyze someone fueling chaos in your life. This spell restricts a person from causing relationship damage, spreading lies, or enabling addictions/toxicity. It forces time-out to freeze volatile situations.

Items needed:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Thread or twine
  • Water
  • Freezer bag or container

How to cast:

  1. Write their full name on paper along with “You are bound from harming me or others”. Fold paper away from you.
  2. Wrap it up with thread/twine while visualizing binding their actions.
  3. Get paper damp and put in freezer to freeze intentions.
  4. Keep bound paper in freezer, replenishing water as it thaws.

What to expect:

  • Their trouble-making, meddling, or hostility shuts down against their will.
  • They experience blocks and restrictions trying to interfere with you or loved ones.
  • You gain control of the situation, while the binding spell keeps them paralyzed.
  • Increased peace and order in relationships/environments they once disrupted.

Freeze Gossip Freezer Spell

Silence gossip, rumors, and false accusations against you. This spell seals lips and freezes the spread of malicious, damaging lies. It blocks informational attacks.

Items needed:

  • Name paper of gossip/lies
  • Water
  • Wax paper
  • Freezer container

How to cast:

  1. Write details of false gossip/accusations on paper.
  2. Place paper between sheets of wax paper and seal edges with water to bind it.
  3. Freeze paper packet to stop lies and gossip from spreading.
  4. Keep frozen as long as you need the rumors contained.

What to expect:

  • People involved unable to repeat or spread false information to others. Their lips metaphorically sealed.
  • Gossip dying down as your spell freezes its momentum.
  • The truth prevailing as secrecy containing the lies remains frozen.
  • Your reputation protected while the freezer spell keeps gossip chilled.
break up spell

Break Them Up Freezer Spell

Chill a romantic relationship causing you grief. This spell gradually freezes the passion, drives, and bonding between a couple to dismantle the relationship with minimal drama.

Items needed:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Pictures of the couple (optional)
  • Water
  • Container

How to cast:

  1. Write their names apart with “Your relationship is cooling” between them. Fold paper away from you.
  2. Place paper in container and add just enough water to dampen.
  3. Put in freezer, visualize closeness chilling as it freezes.
  4. Allow to remain frozen until the relationship naturally ends.

What to expect:

  • Growing distance and disconnect between the couple as bonding slips.
  • Arguments and indifference increasing, affection decreasing.
  • Their desires towards each other slowly chilling until the relationship expires.
  • A peaceful breakup with your influence ice cold and undetected.
Banish Other Woman Freezer Spell

Banish Other Woman Freezer Spell

Freeze out “the other woman” meddling in your relationship. This spell inhibits her ability to interfere with or come between you and your partner.

Items needed:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Water
  • Freezer bag/container

How to cast:

  1. Write her name and “You are frozen from my relationship” on paper.
  2. Get paper damp with water and place in the freezer.
  3. As it freezes, visualize her being unable to intrude or influence your relationship.
  4. Keep fully frozen until her unwanted influence completely chills out.

What to expect:

  • Her advances towards your partner starting to chill and lose momentum.
  • Communication and contact between them begins to lessen.
  • Your relationship strengthens as her third-party interference freezes up.
  • Her frozen in her tracks, unable to meddle or come between you again.
protection freezer spell

Protection Freezer Spell

Create a metaphysical shield around you or your home to deter unwanted people and external threats. This freezer spell blocks intrusions, harm, and negative energy.

Items needed:

  • Water
  • Piece of black tourmaline, obsidian, etc.
  • Freezer bag or container

How to cast:

  1. Hold the protective stone in hand and visualize forming an impenetrable ice shield around yourself or home.
  2. Place stone in water just long enough to dampen it.
  3. Put the icy stone in the freezer, imagining the shield strengthening as it freezes.
  4. Replenish water as needed to reinforce the spell.

What to expect:

  • A tangible icy wall around your aura or home that fortifies over time.
  • People/energy with ill intentions towards you bouncing off your frozen shield.
  • Feeling guarded and that potential harm is kept at bay.
  • Added security and impenetrability while the spell remains active.
Weight Loss Spell

Weight Loss Freezer Spell

Freeze unwanted fat and inflation from your body with this spell. It helps pack on spiritual ice to magically inhibit excess weight gain.

Items needed:

  • Water
  • Piece of amethyst or citrine
  • Freezer bag or container

How to cast:

  1. Hold the stone over your problem areas and visualize fat cells cooling and solidifying.
  2. Dip the stone in water just long enough to dampen it.
  3. Place the icy stone in the freezer, imagining your metabolism speeding up as it freezes.
  4. Drink the thawed water for an extra boost. Re-freeze as needed.

What to expect:

  • A chilling effect settling into fat cells making them unable to inflate.
  • Cravings and overindulged
Bring Back Lost Lover Spell

Bring Back Lost Lover Freezer Spell

Reignite faded love and passion in your relationship. This spell sends chilling energy to cool your partner’s interest in others and heat up desire for you again.

Items needed:

  • Paper with your petition
  • Water
  • Freezer bag/container
  • Cinnamon (optional)

How to cast:

  1. Write their name and “Our love flames anew, my heart you only pursue” on paper.
  2. Get paper damp with water and place in the freezer. Add cinnamon for added sizzle.
  3. As it freezes, visualize their heart reigniting with passion for you.
  4. Keep frozen until their heart melts for you once again.

What to expect:

  • Their romantic interest in others cooling off.
  • Warm memories of you beginning to flood their mind again.
  • Rekindled passion and feelings of love towards you building steadily.
  • Increased contact and reconciliation once their heart thaws.

How Long Should you wait, For Your Freezer spell to work

There’s no definitive timeframe for when a freezer spell will take effect, as it depends on various factors:

  • The strength of your intention and focus – a more powerful, emotion-driven spell manifests faster.
  • The target’s own energy and willpower – a spiritually strong target may resist the effects longer.
  • The complexity of the situation – freezing a long-term relationship requires more time than a new interest.
  • Reinforcing the spell – refreshing it keeps the freezing effects potent.
  • The materials used – personal items like photos strengthen the magical link.
  • Your own magical skill level – beginners may need weeks, adepts days.

That said, here are some general timeframes:

  • Minor situations like freezing gossips or bad habits can work in days to a few weeks.
  • Major relationship or legal issues often take 1-2 months to fully freeze.
  • Strong-willed targets may resist the spell for up to 2 months before succumbing.
  • Layering multiple spells stacks the freezing effects faster.
  • For stubborn cases, it can take 3-6 months for spells to fully paralyze the target.
  • Checking and re-freezing the packet weekly helps hasten results.

The first signs a freezer spell is working will be obstacles and delays suddenly preventing the target from bothering you. Their enthusiasm or momentum freezing up. Within a month, their actions against you should be fully frozen. Re-cast or reinforce for long-lasting effects. Patience and trust in the magic speeds the results.

Spell Not Working Tips

Freezer spells fizzle out if you don’t reinforce them or if the target overpowers your magic. Other factors like wrong ingredients or not focusing energy can also make them fail.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Check the paper packet daily; change water to keep frozen.
  • Use wax paper to seal in energy and freeze intentions longer.
  • Add more identifying elements: names, photos, handwriting samples.
  • Re-cast the spell using more intensity and emotion.
  • Get support from experienced spell casters to strengthen the magic.
  • As a last resort, try a different but stronger freezing method.

When Things are going well.

  • A boosted freezer spell that keeps your target stuck and frozen.
  • Magical energy concentrated longer when you reinforce it properly.
  • The situation finally cooling down as your re-cast spell takes effect.
  • Relief and control as a strengthened spell puts your target properly on ice.

How to Undo These Spells When You Feel Like

You cast a freezer spell but now want to reverse it. This spell unravels the magic, freeing the target from restrictions and giving back their free will.

Items needed:

  • Frozen paper packet
  • Pan of water
  • Candle flame or lighter

How to undo it:

  1. Remove paper from freezer and hold it over a pan of water.
  2. Say “By powers of three times three, I now reverse this binding decree.”
  3. Burn the thread/string around the paper and let the paper soak in water.
  4. Dispose of materials far from home once completely soaked. The spell is lifted.

What to expect:

  • Gradual feelings of release as the spell loosens its grip on the target.
  • Their actions, behaviors, and free will returning to normal within a few weeks.
  • They’ll regain motivation and momentum once unfrozen.
  • The situation stabilizes as lingering spell effects wear off.

When Things Have Escalated

When your situation is beyond freezing. And your situation has not changed or the results have faded over time. I employ you to get advice from someone with knowledge and experience in spell casting and spiritualism.

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