Love spell to get ex back when blocked

Love spell to get ex back when blocked

Few things are more devastating than having your ex block you on all forms of communication after a breakup. Not being able to call, text, email, or reach them on social media can make it seem impossible to reconnect. However, with the right magic, you can break through this blockage and open their heart again.

In this guide, I share my most powerful love spells and rituals for getting an ex back when they’ve blocked you. These methods utilize spiritual energies to soften their heart, clear away anger or bitterness, and remove obstacles standing in the way of reconciliation.

Read on to learn how you can cast magic to unblock your ex, restore communication channels, and make them willing to interact with you again. With my help, you can rewrite the ending to your love story and get a second chance with the one who holds your heart.

Common Reasons Exes Block Their Former Partners

After a painful breakup, having your ex block you can feel like the ultimate rejection. But there are nuanced emotional reasons people take this harsh action:

  • Blocking provides a sense of control during overwhelm
  • They want to avoid hurting you or being hurt themselves
  • Your attempts to reconnect are perceived as “desperate”
  • They have started a new relationship and want to avoid temptation
  • Unresolved anger about the relationship ending
  • They feel vulnerable and want to protect themselves
  • Punishing you by cutting off access entirely

The key is recognizing their block doesn’t necessarily reflect how they truly feel deep down. With some emotional healing, your ex can unlock their heart again.

How Blocking Impacts Chances of Reconciliation

Getting blocked severely damages the chances of reconciliation in the short term. With no way to communicate, you can’t have productive conversations to understand what went wrong, express feelings, or demonstrate positive change.

However, in the long run, your ex blocking you doesn’t have to mean a permanent ending. Powerful spellwork can clear away the blockages and open the door to reconnection.

Here are some positive signs indicating potential for reconciliation despite being blocked:

  • The strong emotional reaction shows they still care
  • You shared a deep soulmate-level bond in the past
  • Outside circumstances like family objections affected the breakup
  • Issues like poor communication that can be worked on caused problems
  • Positive shared history over years or decades
  • They are open to amicable relations down the road after cooling off

With magic, the door is never completely closed as long as love still exists within your ex’s heart – however deeply buried. The key is using spells to gently uncover and reawaken that love.

Effective Love Magic to Get Your Ex Back After Being Blocked

Here are some of my go-to methods for unblocking an ex and re-attracting them after cutting off communication:

Rose Candle Ritual for Opening Blocked Hearts

Rose Candle Ritual for Opening Blocked Hearts

Rose’s uplifting vibration resonates powerfully with the heart chakra, helping melt blockages. Inscribe your ex’s name on a pink candle. Surround with rose quartz crystals. Light the candle, envision divine light filling their heart. Say:

“With this rose glow, blockages gently flow. (Ex’s name)’s heart unlocked, all barriers now removed.”

Repeat until the candle burns out. Carry rose quartz to amplify the magic.

Uncross and Reconcile Spell

Uncross and Reconcile Spell

This “uncrossing” ritual removes negative energies keeping you apart and restores positive flow between you. You’ll need:

  • 2 pink candles (one for you, one for ex)
  • 1 white candle (unity)
  • Olive oil

Dress the candles in oil. Light yours first, saying:

“(Your name) burns bright, this magic seals my plight.”

Light your ex’s candle:

“(Ex’s name) is freed, their heart to me returns with speed.”

Then light the unity candle:

“No more crossed paths, our destiny now relights.”

Let the candles fully burn down.

Communication Opening Jar Spell

Communication Opening Jar Spell

Empower a small jar to facilitate positive communication. Add:

  • Paper with ex’s name
  • White rose petals (openness)
  • Lavender (peaceful talks)
  • Piece of green paper (heart chakra)

Cap tightly and shake daily while visualizing productive conversations with your ex. When communication opens, bury the jar.

Unblock and Reconnect Candle Spell

Unblock and Reconnect Candle Spell

Carve your ex’s name into a white candle. Dress with olive oil and roll in brown sugar, rose buds and thyme. Burn the candle every day for 15 minutes while speaking his name aloud. Say:

“With sweetness and light, (ex’s name) is in my sight.
No more blocked paths, our communication freely flows as time unwinds the past.”

Continue until the candle burns down completely.

Tips for Optimal Success

  • Perform spells on a Friday for love magic and Saturday for block-breaking
  • Work with waxing moon phases for increase and growth
  • Use empowered ingredients like rose, cinnamon, sugar, thyme
  • Visualize your ex unblocking you and being open to communicate
  • Maintain an attitude of forgiveness – never bitterness
  • If possible, physically mail a letter expressing your feelings
  • Be patient and don’t rush the process

With dedicated spellwork, your ex’s heart will gradually open again, communication will be restored, and reconciliation can happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about getting an ex back after no contact:

What if my ex has started dating someone new?

Powerful love magic can override and sever unhealthy soulmate attachments. However, their free will must be honored. Focus on restoring communication first.

How long do unblocking spells take to work?

Results timing varies, but within 3-7 days you should notice increasing openness. Full unblocking can take 1-3 weeks. Have patience!

Should I tell my ex I’m doing spellwork?

No, keep it private. Less pressure and more natural for them to independently unblock you.

How can I regain trust after the breakup?

Opening empathetic communication, taking accountability, and giving them space goes a long way. Consistent spellwork helps too.

What if they stay blocked on social media but unblock my number?

It’s still progress! Focus on phone/text communication. Social media often lags behind but will follow.

In Conclusion

Don’t lose hope if your ex has blocked you on all fronts after a difficult split. With dedicated spellcasting focusing on communication restoration and healing, you can gently dissolve their barriers and open their heart again. Remove anger and pain blocking their feelings for you, so they become willing to interact and rediscover why you belong together.

It may take time and perseverance, but your soulmate is still within reach. Compassion combined with magic can rewrite the ending to your broken love story. Contact me today for a customized spell plan to get your ex back after no contact fails. With the spiritual forces on your side, anything is possible!

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