Truth Spell To Reveal A Hidden Secret

Unveiling Hidden Secrets: The Power of Truth Spell Rituals in Hoodoo Magic

Truth spells are understandable means of revealing hidden secrets.  Who wouldn’t want the power to reveal hidden knowledge, elicit complete honesty from others, or expose deceit?.

We’ll examine the intended benefits of truth spells, like exposing cheating and gaining legal advantage. But are these aims respectful and fair if achieved through manipulation? We’ll weigh potential harm caused by overriding free will and forced confession.

Alternatives like direct communication, trust building, and legal due process uphold autonomy. Though truth spells promise shortcuts, do the ends justify the means? We’ll discuss various truth spells, ways to make them manifest as intended, different use cases and more read on. .

What to Expect

  • Potent dreams or visions revealing hidden information, insights, or previously obscured memories. These may arrive immediately or over subsequent days/nights as your subconscious unlocks.
  • A strong desire from the spell’s target to unburden secrets, confess transgressions, or be authentic and vulnerable in communication. This compulsion overrides previous hesitation or avoidance.
  • Sudden clarity descending on a situation that was previously confusing, mysterious, or filled with doubt. Pieces seem to come together, and you gain discernment.
  • Information coming to light unexpectedly through overheard conversations, discovered documents, serendipitous encounters, or admission from tight-lipped sources. The truth finds pathways to emerge.
  • Improved intuition and an innate sense about who/what to trust or doubt. Your “inner radar” gets finely tuned.
  • Those involved in deceit becoming unable to maintain their stories, alibis, or facades. Signs of dishonesty become almost tangible.
  • Feelings of offness or agitation arising when you encounter lies and suppression. Half-truths grate on your senses.
  • A lifting of illusions, wishful thinking, or emotional bias that may have obscured your clarity. You see with eyes of objectivity.
  • Relief and lightness as buried truths finally emerge. The clearing of the air through honesty, even if difficult in the moment, resolves stagnant energy.

The exact manifestations will depend on your specific circumstances. But an opening to truth, in some form, can be expected when inviting its revelation through focused intention and magic.

Use these Magic Spells To Find the Truth at Home

If you think someone or something is being hidden in plain sight from you, these magic methods will help you reveal the truth. Use any of these truth spells during a Sagittarius Moon to amplify  your intentions and increase potency of the magic.

To Find the Truth

Without the truth one cannot make sensible decisions. As one’s intuition grows it becomes easier to tell when people are not telling you the truth. Until that time a simple spell like this ensures that the truth is revealed in the right way. It uses herbs and candles. 


  1. Handful of thyme 
  2. Red candle 
  3. Flat dish or pentacle on which to put the herbs 


  •  Place the thyme into the dish and say: 

Clarification I now require So that truth is spoken Let what is hidden now Be brought into the open. 

  • Light the candle and say: 

Speak truth with passion And goodbye to caution As the truth is said May I not be misled. 

  • Allow the candle to burn down until the wax drips into the herbs. 
  • Bury the cooled wax and herbs, preferably at a crossroads, having first blown any loose herbs to the wind. 

The herb thyme brings courage, which is often needed to bypass our inhibitions. The colour red often represents sexual passion, but here is much more the passion for truth. Do remember therefore that sometimes the truth can hurt, and you may have been being protected.

Sunflower under the Pillow

To reveal hidden truths in dreams.


  1. A sunflower, placed under your pillow before sleep.

How to Cast 

  • Choose a fresh, vibrant sunflower and gently pluck it just before bedtime. Place it immediately under your pillow as you get into bed.
  • Center yourself by taking 3 deep breaths. Focus your intention clearly: “I ask that truths be revealed to me in my dreams tonight.” Visualize yourself sleeping peacefully as hidden insights float to the surface of your dreams.
  • Light a candle by your bed and gaze into the flame to deepen your relaxed, receptive state. Then blow out the candle and drift to sleep with the sunflower under your head.
  • Upon waking, immediately write down any important dream messages in a journal. Reflect on any truths or clarity you received as you start your day.

Using sea salt in a shoe

Compel your partner to speak their truths.


  1. Sea salt in your partner’s shoe.

How to Cast 

  • Obtain sea salt and place in a small dish by your front door. As your partner leaves in the morning, inconspicuously sprinkle a pinch in the toe area of their shoe.
  • Visualise the salt crystals absorbing negative or resistant energy as they walk. See their mood lifting and a willingness to communicate openly awakening within them.
  • When they return home, listen closely and provide a safe space for them to share truths. The spell may unfold throughout the day or night.

Dream Power 

When you need to make someone aware of something, perhaps a healing energy or information that they need to make a decision, it is possible to influence their dreams, without them being aware that you have had anything to do with the matter. You actually make a link for them to higher authority. 


  1. A square of fabric 
  2. Needle and thread Cotton wool or other stuffing 
  3. Handful of herbs or a few drops of essential oil (preferably lavender and rosemary) 
  4. Paper and pen 

How to cast 

  • Sit quietly in your sacred space, gather your thoughts and decide precisely what it is you want the person to hear, or perhaps feel. Write down your wish on the piece of paper in as few words as possible. 
  • Make a dream pillow using the square of fabric and stuffing. Add a quantity of lavender and rosemary or a few drops of oil. Put in the piece of paper last, then sew up the end. 
  • Put the dream pillow on your altar. 
  • Because this is on behalf of someone else you might wish to reinforce your sacred space for your petition. Gather your energy into your solar plexus then hold your hands over the dream pillow. As you do this, say the following:

Goddess Divine Holy Mother, I petition you herein for another. [Name] does not understand Creating trouble quite unplanned Holy Mother, Goddess Divine, Send a dream, awaken the mind. Show the way through, the way that’s right Give them the truth by clear starlight Holy Mother, Goddess Divine, Open the way for a clear sign Bring them clarity while they sleep So much from experience that they can reap.

  • Change the incantation to suit your purpose if you wish. 
  • You might give the dream pillow to the person concerned as a gift or hang it in a prominent place in your own sacred space. 

Remember that this does not force a person into any particular course of action. This spell allows them to make decisions that are right for them, and you know you have done all you can to help. You have acted as wisely as you know how.

Why You may be Compelled to Use Truth spells

Win a court case 

If you feel injustice has occurred and the truth has been obscured, a truth spell could potentially help reveal facts and testimonies that exonerate you or shed light on the full story. However, the competence of your legal counsel should remain your primary focus. Read Court case winning Spell .

Know someone’s true character 

Beginning a relationship or partnership invites the risk of deception and betrayal. A truth spell could surface hidden sides of someone’s personality, illuminating their integrity, values, and intentions. But directly communicating needs and building trust over time remains most wise.

Reveal a cheating spouse

Infidelity severely damages relationships. A truth spell may help expose secret affairs and elicit honest confessions to better understand what occurred. However, focusing on healing the root relational problems often proves more constructive long-term.

Clear your name

False accusations can tarnish reputations unfairly. A truth spell may elicit facts that exonerate your name and reputation. But directly addressing the sources of slander and maintaining dignity often clears the air best.

Help someone you know

If someone you care about faces false allegations, obscures the truth, or struggles with deception, you may feel compelled to use a truth spell to help them. However, preserving free will and directly appealing to their conscience without manipulation is ethically advisable.

Ultimately, truth spells may seem attractive when truth feels elusive or there is a desire to control outcomes.

Factors that Make Your Truth spell more potent

Many beginners blame the spell first before investigating why their spells never yield results. Some factors are worth mentioning because they are crucial. However never forget that casting spells requires extensive knowledge then the rest follow so don’t forget that. 

Don’t put your sanity to risk on something you can let go and doesn’t bother your peace. 


Items like a red or black candle can help amplify your intent and boost the success of your truth spell. As well as specific herbs and spiritual materials that depict the symbolism of the intention of your work. 


We know very well that work with little to no effort yields no outcomes, despite the best materials used. Factor in your effort during and after the work is done. 

Moon phase

Are you casting your spell during the opportune moon phase or just putting it out there. Use the Moon in Sagittarius to your advantage. This is the opportune time to work magic for publications, legal matters, travel and revealing truth. Healing rituals for ailments of the liver, thighs or hips are also done at this time.

Alternatives spiritual ways to get the truth revealed

Tarot cards

The five suggests that it is better to see a relationship for what it is, lest misunderstandings and jealousy, albeit unfounded, cloud the horizon. Passion and honesty together bring truth. This is not an either/or situation. 

Ìncese and Oils

Invoking  maat the goddess of truth and walking with incense on you. Can help that no one will speak a word of deceit when you are around. As well as burning incense in your home, office or preferred place purifies the space and banishes deceitful conversation. This should help you keep your home a space of truth and purity also. Using a commanding oil, or burning incense before court are some of the easy way to reveal the truth. 

Palm reading

The philosophical hand These long, bony hands often belong to teachers, philosophers and intellectuals, who are always seeking the truth. The minutiae of life are of little concern to people with philosophical hands, they are far too easily distracted. These are people who see the wider picture, often ignoring their immediate surroundings to the point that their untidiness borders on the eccentric.

Having a palm reading done when you feel the need or feel like the truth is being hidden amidst your presence is another way to uncover secrets that casting a truth spell. 

We understand that not everyone has the privacy to work any of the spells mentioned or time. So implement what gives you comfort space to get done.

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