Using Cinnamon and Sugar For Prosperity and Protection

Using Cinnamon and Sugar For Prosperity and Protection

In our relentless pursuit of progress, many of us find ourselves wandering from one solution to another, often unaware that the answers we seek are within our grasp. While prayer is a fundamental practice in seeking divine intervention, there are natural elements that can amplify its effects. Today, we explore how to harness the power of cinnamon and sugar, not as replacements for prayer, but as complementary tools created by God, designed to work with our faith.

Priest Nduga, a spiritual guide, emphasizes that the power of God is paramount. Just as olive oil becomes anointing oil through divine blessing, so can other natural elements be sanctified for spiritual purposes. Cinnamon and sugar, both derived from plants, can be powerful aids in spiritual practices when used with faith and prayer.

Why Cinnamon and Sugar?


Cinnamon is renowned for its ability to attract prosperity and remove negative energy. It is often used in spiritual cleansing to eliminate obstacles and invite positive energy. The Bible references the use of plants for various purposes, and cinnamon’s efficacy in spiritual work is well-documented.


Sugar symbolizes sweetness and is used to draw love and favor. When combined with cinnamon, it creates a potent mixture that can cleanse your space, attract positive energy, and enhance your spiritual work.

Steps to Use Cinnamon and Sugar for Spiritual Cleansing

1. Preparation

To begin, gather a white bowl, which can be transparent or non-transparent. Avoid using black buckets as they are not recommended for spiritual cleansing. Fill the bowl with water.

2. Adding Cinnamon and Sugar

Sprinkle a small amount of cinnamon and sugar into the water. As you do this, pray earnestly, asking for divine intervention. Say, “Almighty God, I stand before You today. Please grant my heart’s desires and cleanse my space of all negative energy.”

3. Mixing and Praying

Mix the ingredients in the water while continuing to pray. Ask for forgiveness for any sins and request blessings for your household. Say, “Oh God, cleanse this home. Let favor and good things come into this house. Remove any obstacles and let Your blessings flow abundantly.”

Applying the Cleansing Water

1. Sprinkling

Sprinkle the water around the corners of your home, praying with each action. Invoke God’s presence, saying, “May favor locate me. May good things come into this house.”

2. Personal Cleansing

For a personal cleanse, add the mixture to your bath water. Avoid using a black bucket; instead, use a white or red bucket. While bathing, pray for purification and the removal of any negative influences.

Key Points to Remember

1. Maintain Holiness

When engaging in spiritual work, ensure you are in a state of holiness. Women should avoid touching spiritual items during their menstrual cycle, and couples should refrain from sexual activities during this period.

2. Continuous Prayer

This practice does not replace regular prayer. Always seek God’s guidance and blessings in all your endeavors. The Bible advises us to “pray without ceasing.”

3. Faith and Consistency

Faith is crucial. Believe that your prayers are being answered as you perform these rituals. Consistency is key; continue this practice for three to seven days for optimal results.

The Benefits of Cinnamon and Sugar in Spiritual Work

Using cinnamon and sugar in your spiritual practices can open doors to prosperity, protection, and favor. It can help remove negative energy that hinders your progress and invite blessings into your life.


Incorporating natural elements like cinnamon and sugar into your spiritual practices can significantly enhance the power of your prayers. Remember, these elements are tools created by God, and their effectiveness is amplified by your faith and the power of divine intervention. May you find the prosperity, protection, and favor you seek through these practices, and may your prayers be answered abundantly.

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