How Ancestor Money Brings Good Fortune and Blessings

How to connect with your ancestors for Ancestor Money

Performing an ancestor money ritual helps in honouring your ancestors is a powerful way to show gratitude while also boosting good fortune for yourself and your family.

By providing deceased loved ones with ancestor money—symbolic offerings that provide for their needs in the afterlife—you can curry favour and receive blessings in return.

Read on to understand what ancestor money is, how it works, and how to create an ancestral altar to double your blessings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ancestor money provides deceased relatives with resources in the afterlife
  • Well-tended ancestors will intercede with higher powers for your prosperity
  • Researching your genealogy helps you identify ancestors
  • Create an altar to leave offerings and speak with your forbearers
  • Consistent tributes result in ancestors blessing you with good fortune

What is Ancestor Money?

The use of ancestor money is a tangible way to express gratitude and remembrance, create a spiritual bond with our lineage, and invite ancestral guidance into our lives.

By offering ancestor offerings, we affirm the value of our family trees and acknowledge their ongoing contribution to our lives.

Why Make Offerings of Ancestor Money?

In many cultures, ancestors are believed to have the ability to intercede with higher powers on behalf of their living family. Making offerings shows respect and care for ancestors while asking for their guidance and luck in return. When descendants burn, bury or ritually place the money, ancestors receive the spiritual essence of the offering. Well-tended ancestors will repay your care with protection and increased prosperity.

How to Connect with Your Ancestors:

Before making offerings, you need to know which ancestors to honor. Start by researching your family tree as far back as possible.

Talk to older relatives about their parents and grandparents to discover the unique talents, struggles, and dreams of your forbearers. Learning these details helps you feel connected to ancestors so you can call on them by name during your ritual.

Setting Up an Ancestor Altar:

Create a dedicated altar—a table top display just for your ancestors—to focus your offerings and prayers. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose an intimate, private space to set up your altar.
  • Drape the table with a cloth, place candles and fill glasses with water.
  • Frame and display photos of ancestors and family mementos.
  • Use a bowl or plate to hold any ancestor money.

– Personalize your altar with statuettes, flowers, incense or whatever helps you feel spiritual.

Dedicate your altar to your ancestors and make weekly offerings. Speak aloud to share your gratitude, hopes and desires with your forebearers. Keep your altar tidy, maintain candles and refresh water to show your ongoing care.

The Benefits of Ancestor Money:

When you consistently honor your ancestors, they become invested in your prosperity. Possible benefits of tributary ancestor money include:

  • Increased financial gains
  • Protection from misfortune
  • Wise guidance for tough decisions
  • Favorable outcomes for risky ventures
  • Confidence and motivation

Show your ancestors you still think of them fondly. In return, they will go to great lengths to bring blessings into your life. With an ancestor money practice, you can build stronger connections across generations for a luckier, more successful future.

In Closing

Connecting with your ancestors is not just about following a set of rules—it’s a personal journey that honors your unique heritage and the legacies that have shaped who you are.

To fully embrace this practice with an open heart, and you may find that the blessings you receive are as abundant as the love and respect you offer.

Just as in Uganda we have ancestors like dungu and muagaba who are well known to give financial blessings. And we don’t know connection with our linage and ancestors a joke.

If you need help tracing your linage and connecting with the ancestors for the first time let me know. I am here to help.

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