Bad luck removal spell | Success and prosperity for life

Bad luck removal spell | Success and prosperity for life

Cast a bad luck removal spell with the art of breaking specific curses and spells made by another. Voodoo Spiritual workers agree that the best times to do work which draws luck in money & love are Thursday & Sunday under the Waxing Moon or Full Moon. Colors associated with this type of work include Gold (Money), Green (to Draw), Pink (Luck in Love) & Red (Sexual Luck). 

Nothing is by chance, least of all luck and prosperity. Although we think that some people are born to prosper, the fact is that the power of thought and intentions are much more powerful, and if you focus on something positively, you will attract what you want into your life.

For general Good Luck after casting bad luck removal spell

Wear an alligator’s tooth around your neck and avoid going near the ocean or a river with it as it will lose its power.

Magic Broom Good Luck and Prosperity Spell

The purpose of this Bad luck removal spell is to bring good luck and abundance into your life. For this spell you will need:

  1. Charcoal block
  2. Money drawing incense
  3. Hemp cord
  4. Miniature broom
  5. Cowry shell
  6. Coin
  7. Piece of abalone shell
  8. Hemp cord

Place a piece of charcoal on a fireproof dish and light it. Take a pinch of the  money drawing incense and put it in the charcoal. As the incense burns, tie the hemp cord onto the broom and attach the charms: cowry shell for general good luck, coin for wealth, abalone for protection in business and personal affairs. Tie seven knots in the cord, and with each knot, focus on what you specifically desire in the area of luck and prosperity.

When you are done say the following:

Spirits of the wilderness

I appeal to you,

Bring into my home

All that is shiny and new.

Spread hope and prosperity,

Contained within this grass,

May my life with wealth and

prosperity be amassed.

So be it. 

Now you can hang the talisman in your home or office, or wherever you want to concentrate your efforts.

Bath To break negativity & bad luck removal spell

Place half a cup of vinegar, a bunch of fresh rue, and a tablespoon of salt in your bath. (Note: Rue can cause dermatitis upon contact with skin.) Light a white and a blue candle close to the bathtub. Imagine yourself as pure light, with nothing entering you but pure universal energy. Visualize the negativity leaving every pore of your body.


Luck is a very important factor in everyone’s daily life as well as in special occasions. For this reason, we all have to be surrounded with luck if we are to succeed in life. Sometimes, you will find that luck totally moves away from you at the time when you need it most.

An extremely powerful Bad luck removal spell can help you acquire a job, help you acquire and make you successful in every way. Don’t hesitate to seek help to over come what you now call your problem.

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