FERTILITY SPELLS – How You Can Leverage Witchcraft & Have Babies You Have Always Wanted

Fertility spell ,Child pregnancy spells and rituals

With fertility spells, whether your wish is to become a mother or father and feel your share of parenthood has not yet been given to you. Parenthood is a blessing as children come to your life; they illuminate some part of you that no one knew about.

This comes from making the baby, growing in his mother’s womb, birth to growing up into a mature person. This process transforms you to a responsible and uniquely caring person.

The unbreakable bond between parent and child is the strongest. A feeling you get when danger comes your ways, good and more.

The reason for casting a fertility spell/ritual is to bring parenthood happiness to your life. Or you feel left out, is your partner demanding for children and you’ve tried but noting.

Causes of infertility

The causes to your demise not to conceive {give birth} are many; they come in direct and indirect ways. Intentional and unintentional ways self-inflected and vice versa.

Sexually transmitted diseases.

From Aids, gonorrhea, Syphilis, UTIs among others. These cause temporally or even permanent impotence in men and bareness in women. If you do not know a reason to why you not having children, I advise you to visit a gynecologist and check yourself first.

Such diseases cause disruption in your reproductive system and difficulty to conceive or even carry the pregnancy till birth.

Chronic diseases

These are the worst because most of them have no cure unlike the STDs. Diseases like scrotal and cervical cancer are a knock out in the reproductive business. And when your case is that severe, your chances to have a child in your life are thin.

Multiple Abortions

This is one of the self-inflicted ways one can decrease their chances to having children. If not done safely, unlike the developed countries or people living in cities. In my village, a girl that tried to abort almost died and to save them was to remove the whole womb. Her motherhood is removed because of being reckless.


Yes, masturbation can cause periodic or even permanent infertility in men. The uncontrolled ejaculation can lead to manufacture of immature sperm and immotile ones.

If not abstained from it can damage your male reproductive system. You want to have fun and can’t find a female partner to enjoy sex with. I have love spells that will ease your search for a partner.

Death of your unborn child.

This is a common issue in the baby department, losing your child amidst a pregnancy. In some cases, the cause can be among those mentioned above. Or of some natural ways that your womb or something, accidental or of witchcraft.

If its of witchcraft seeking supernatural help from a specialist in such paranormal energies is a way you could free yourself from conditional bareness.

But with such a strategy, you are left with the hardest task. And that is to find an authentic witch doctor /traditional healer.

How to combat infertility

Many means can be put to test basing on your situation, culture, finances, beliefs and more. Infertility is an unnatural thing because GOD created man and woman to live together and procreate.

Visit the hospital

Get a medical checkup, done specifically by a gynecologist or fertility specialist. If they see something wrong with you, they will propose the corresponding remedy.

Use herbal remedies.

When you search the web, there are many informative blogs that can be of great help. Providing you herbal solutions to boost your fertility, stamina and preparation for birth.

Use a fertility/ pregnancy spell

If you have a trusted spells caster at your disposal it easier than casting a spell on your own. Fertility spells that you cast on your own are prone to error, lack of enough knowledge and the necessary energies to make the spell work.

African Fertility spells

In Buganda fertility spells are part of the rituals we practice. Though some witch doctors take advantage of the clients that visit them {sleeping on them and in turn are the fathers of the babies}.

In my family my grandmother was a specialist when it comes to sexual issues. Casting fertility spells, providing herbs and rituals for the people in the community and those that had traveled distances.

I learnt a lot from her and a heir to the family’s ancestral spirits It was my duty to be taught each and everything.

African fertility spells work and if you were to do a survey in Buganda kingdom asking the success rate of these rituals {code name luzalo}. It will hit by surprise that the majority facing fertility problems use this kind of solution and don’t regret it.

What the African pregnancy spells can do for you.

From conceiving to having a safe pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby. Women in Africa have never lived childless, or get complications during pregnancy of magical source and fail to combat it.

With a fertility spell/ritual like this you can;

Have a safe pregnancy

Protect your unborn child from magical effects that tend to harm him. You can never be safe in case you didn’t know, the people that laugh with you on a daily can be your worst enemies full of envy and have bad hearts.

Fertility spells for changing the sex of the baby

In the old days one didn’t know what sex of baby they were to have and it was all based on superstitions. But with the innovation of technology, checking the sex of your unborn child is so easy.

Even in remote places like my village women and their partners at least move to health center in the town to have a baby scan.

Most leave the hospital happy with the results, others not. They want a baby girl or boy. And to tell you the truth is that every person has his/her own reason to why they may want to change the sex of their baby.

Are they wanting a boy because of riches, gifts, and succession of the father’s property? Are they in need of a mix up in their children, that is up to them? And of course, they will get what they look for.

Fertility spell for twins

Having more one child at the same time in Africa {Buganda} is a thing. And it earns the parents a title as well as the babies.

But focus here is on the parents, to chose either to have a boy and girl, girls, or boys. And if you wanted to have twins yourself but not yet lucky try this African luzalo AKA fertility spell.

I have practiced witchcraft for years and come a long line of healers. I will help you if your intent is in the right place.

And when your situation is as bad as not having a womb, because you had multiple abortions and it was removed. Give back to humanity and adopt, there are many beautiful babies that people still with ability to give to life have abandoned.

I just ask of you and don’t take it person; you can learn to love that child and raise them as you own. Take an example from some celebrities in your area, like Alicia keys, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie among others.

Fertility Spell to cast at home

Use the essential oils or essences for the ingredients listed. The dried herbs can be used in place of oil or as an adjunct to the oil.

  • Oil of thyme
  • Myrrh gum
  • Benzoin

Add the above ingredients to a one-ounce base of olive oil to which a small amount of vitamin E has been added. Add a piece of myrrh gum to the bottle. You may adjust these ingredients to suit your needs. Make a bath and lay in it for about 30 minutes. Repeat this for once weak a month.

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