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Free love spells you can cast at home. Humankind has been practicing magick and rituals for thousands of years. Almost every race of people have their own style of witchcraft. You have probably heard of the Druids, Merlin was a Druidic wizard. There are people who practice voodoo, and those that follow the arts of ancient Egyptian sorcerers.

Regardless of the type of rituals used there are many similar thoughts involved…Magick is the art of life, everything in the universe is made of energy, and everything is connected. No matter how far away, any object or person can be influenced by another’s thoughts using the power of witchcraft.

Magick is everywhere, energy is everywhere. Using rituals and ceremony you can take these random forces and make them work to your own benefit. Instead of accepting whatever fate has in store for you, take charge and write your own destiny.

The future is not set in stone- it is fluid, and as such it can be influenced by people who know how- people who understand that the universe is there for them to share and use. But be sure to return some of your good fortune as you profit from magick. This is a way of thanking the universe for its generosity, and avoiding greed. If you use magick for greed it will eventually backfire on you.


Many of today’s religions view witchcraft as evil, Satanic, or as a useless relic of the past. What is interesting to note is that a great majority of these religions are based on pagan rituals and beliefs. Christianity, Catholicism, Greek Orthodox and many other belief systems were founded on ancient ceremonies and rites.

Your church may tell you that to practice any kind of magick is to invite Satan, Beelzebub or some other demonic nasty into your life, this is simply not true. If you practice witchcraft with evil intent, then you are asking for trouble. The spells contained in this book are for improving your life, not for causing harm (maybe just a bit of mischief!).

Remember, love is a kind of magick. Jesus practiced very powerful magick to raise the dead and heal the sick…is love evil? Is Jesus evil?… Of course not! Use your magick for good and no harm will come to you. Magick’s power comes from the universe, some say God, whichever, all you have to do ‘is believe’.


love spells, fix broken relationships

Used for attracting a sexual partner. This spell is used to attract a much-desired lover. Stand erect in front of your altar. Breathe slowly and deeply, relax and think about your objective. Now using salt that you have purified, take the lid of the salt container and using your imagination visualize the salt glowing with a bright golden light. Continue to do this for five minutes, then using your left hand take the salt and draw a stick man and a stick woman (similar to what a child would draw) upon your altar. Do this just in front of your salt container.

Now visualize your drawing shining with a brilliant golden aura. Continue to do this for five minutes, then using your left hand again, remove the salt image and sprinkle the salt out an open window. While you do this say, the following out loud;

  • Lover, Oh Dear Lover, Come To Me.

Keep repeating this phrase until all the salt has been sprinkled, then go and sit quietly for a few moments and think about the lover of your dreams. The ritual is now completed.


Free love spells

Free love spells in Here Is Our Secret Our Secret Will Stay In Here. Nobody Will Discover It Nobody Will Know It. Those Who Find Out Will Forget Immediately Those Who Know It Will Never Use It Against Us.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Use to bring you and your loved one, even closer. Light two (2) red candles, using a match. Place the candles close together and put an empty bowl in front of them. Take an egg, lightly break the shell with a knife and very gently pour the contents into the bowl. As you do this say the following;

Do the same with the other egg and say;

Stir the eggs gently with the knife, break the yolks and say;

Keep repeating this until the eggs are an even mix. Go outside and pour the eggs onto the soil (not concrete). Repeat this ritual every week.

This is a rite used to keep an illicit affair secret from others. Light a plain candle with a match. Write your name on a piece of paper. Write your secret lover’s name on another piece of paper. Place both pieces in an envelope, with the names facing each other. Seal the envelope and pass it through the candle flame without setting it alight. Now put the envelope in front of you and say;

Repeat these words (not the candle part) every day after dark. If you forget one day, then you will no longer be safe.



Free love spells use this rite to determine if a relationship will be viable. Light a red candle, using a match only. From a deck of cards choose a picture card, this one will represent you. Now choose another picture to represent your desired partner. Place the two picture cards about 25 centimeters apart, and put the two of hearts (this card symbolizes lovers) in between. Now say;

  • This Is How We Are Now

Take the picture cards and place them face to face upon the two of hearts. Recite the following;

  • This Is How We Shall Be
  • Let Time Tell If It Will Be
  • Let Us Be Closer All The Time
  • Until I Decide How It Will Be.

Practice this ritual every day, within a matter of weeks you should become closer and closer!


Free love spells this ritual is used to gently end a relationship,

Light a white, unscented candle with a match. Take a deck of cards and select one.  This card will represent you. Now choose a card that represents the other person. Take out the two of spades (this represents friendship). Select the four of diamonds to represent and ending. Put the card that you chose for the other person in front of you. Place the two of spades and the four of diamonds on it, face up. Put the card representing you on top and say;

  • Let There Be an Ending
  • Let There Remain Friendship
  • Us See That We Were Wrong
  • Without Blame and Without Hard Feelings So It
  • Will Be and So It Shall Be.

This ritual should be performed every day. Within a matter of weeks, sometimes sooner the relationship should start to cool off. This rite is particularly useful for when you wish to remain friends with the other person.


Free love spells, AFRICAN WITCHCRAFT SPELLS services

Free love spells Used to attract a partner or make someone fall in love with you. If you want a particular person to fall in love with you, use a doll to represent him or her. It’s best to make the doll yourself. Make it from natural materials such as wax, wood, clay or straw, or sew a rag doll. You could buy a ready-made one, but it will not be as powerful as making your own. You should obtain something belonging to the person that you are pursuing (lock of hair, nail-clipping etc.). This will add extra potency to the spell.

Make your doll on the first day of the new moon. While calling out the name of your desired partner, scratch or write their name on the doll. For writing, your blood is best, but you can use red ink with a drop of your blood mixed in. Gently prick the doll where its heart would be with a thorn or pin, as you do this recite these words;

  • As This Thorn Pierces Your Heart,
  • So Let It Be Pierced with Love for Me.

Or alternatively, wrap the doll in three different colored ribbons and say these words as you do so;

  • Threads Bind, Body Entwine,
  • Heart Find Linked to Mine.

You can also make a doll out of bread and eat a piece of it each night, saying the following;

  • As You Become a Part of Me,
  • So Let Me Become a Part of You!

Always stick to the same doll, and do it for fifteen minutes each night until the moon is full. You can start again at the next new moon if you have no results.

If the person doesn’t react soon enough, light a red candle and slightly singe the doll’s feet whilst saying;

For You I Yearn, For Me You Burn.

This should get a quick response. If there is no reaction you may have overdone it! When not casting a spell, keep your doll wrapped in a clean cloth made of natural fiber. (No synthetic material may be used). Hide your doll when not in use, in a safe place. If another person touches your doll it may reduce its potency!


Free love spells Use this rite to stop your lover being unfaithful. The first step is to make a doll that represents the person in question. You can use fabric, wood, clay or whichever material you choose. When you have done this, write the person’s name on a clean piece of

parchment paper and attach it to the back of the doll. Rub the entire doll with musk oil and place it on a square of red satin. Sprinkle the doll with rice powder and recite the following words;

  • With Powerful Lover Powders All Over Thee
  • Hurry, Hurry Come Back to Me!

Repeat this spell for three days. On the third day your lover should appear before you.


Free love spells Used to cause a person to contact you. On Thursday evening, light a green candle and place a photo or picture of the person you wish to hear from in front of the candle. Gaze into the flame and say the following;

  • (Person’s name)…Seek Me Out, Come To Me
  • In Voice Or Flesh
  • Hear This Call Of Heart And Mind
  • O Friend Of Mine
  • Let The Forces That Protect Me Go Forth And Make This Be
  • By Heaven And Earth, By Stone And Fire So Mote It Be!

You should hear from the person concerned in seven or more days after the ceremony. This rite will work even better if you perform it for three consecutive nights!

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