Do you know that African witchcraft spells have existed with humanity for centuries? It should not be a surprise, harnessing spiritual energies, casting spells, and performing rituals is a rodeo. If you know how to work it your life will hardships can be put to rest {find love, wealth, good luck, etc}.

People that have told you about this type of healing have to disclosed all that is there to tell. Witchcraft is not just an act but a way of life; some of us are born with and in it. Have lived since our infant ages practicing, and being groomed to take on the positions of our elders.

Something that has been in our family for decades, connecting with our ancestral spirits for guidance and help. And so with this kind of knowledge given to me I am able to cast real and working powerful witchcraft spells.


It’s simple though most refer to witchcraft being evil {black magic}. Magic used for bad things {hurting people, causing accidents, killing, revenge and more}. Which I won’t deny, true witchcraft can be used for such acts.

But don’t be misled by those words, your intent is what makes magic evil. African witchcraft is powerful than other forms of magical healing. And people tend to misuse the power to do unwelcoming this like those I mentioned above.

But looking o the brighter side, with clear and good intentions you can achieve anything. I mean all that you desire and want {love, money, fame, protection, luck} if your heart is in the right place.


The power of these African witchcraft spells is massive, and be assured what you desire will come true in no time.

NOTE: “Not everyone can harness spiritual energies to attain a certain result, only a few that have connection with the spiritual world can do that”

All the rituals can be solely performed by Nalongo Nduga, or require intervention of the client. And the client is given a manual to follow to complete the ritual or spell.

If you happen to land of free witchcraft spells with a complete manual, try them and tell me. If they ever work I will perform a free spell for you at my expense.

These are published to make money, and keep you occupied while they consult people like me for working rituals.

Love witchcraft spells

With a little information make love work for you rather than you working for love. Additionally Love witchcraft spells will never fail you and I doubt if you to regret such a decision. From attraction, making someone fall in love, binding them to you, keeping them faithful, marriage. Name it you get it, these love spells are cast basing on your situation aura and ancestral root as well as desires.

Money witchcraft spells

Most people tend to go overboard, making unlawful sacrifices like humans. That is so dark just to attain so wealth, improve your standards of living.

With me such nonsense cannot be tolerated, only things that fall under human law are practiced at my shrine. Do not expect to become Bill gates just because you give the spirits your wife, children or relative as sacrifice.

Protection witchcraft rituals

I have charms, rituals or spells only dedicated for a purpose of protection and safe guarding you from unseen energies. Evil eyes, bad spirits, bad djinns, hexes and spells cast against you.

Cleansing witchcraft spells

Unlike protection, cleansing is for those that have a rather unstable and magically influenced life. A cleansing ritual/spell will free you from all those misfortunes and your life will be back on track.

Luck witchcraft chants

Luck is an ingredient we can never live without in life though you don’t know it. Good Luck is essential for a smoothly running life. If you’ve had a wildly rough day you can share your story. Things going wrong in all ways possible, knocking your feet, destroying things minor accidents. 

Remove hexes and black magic

When your life is under the influence of black magic it might be hard to tell. But the signs are rather subtle, and those are the ones you over look.


It’s pretty hard on a normal person to tell and but with a clear mind and reflection on your life. You can tell. If not they get a free consultation session with me {Nalongo Nduga}. Maybe you don’t need to know but perform cleansing and protection witchcraft rituals.

Use some witchcraft herbs like OLWEZA {to cleanse you self from minor things}.


Witchcraft is real and works, it can help you achieve, relief yourself, change your life in ways science has no explanation.

To get the most out of witchcraft is by consulting the right person. Do not go beyond humanity just to satisfy your ego.

Get free consultation by contact me using the many ways available on the website. Good luck “Nalongo Nduga”

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