Manifest Wealth and Abundance with Green Candle Prayer – A Step-by-Step Guide

Green Candle Prayer Guide: Attract Wealth and Abundance Easily

Learn the powerful spiritual practice of harnessing the energy of green candlelight to manifest your desires. Welcome to Priest Nduga’s step-by-step guide on using green candles for prayer to attract wealth, prosperity, and healing. In this guide, you will By following these easy steps, you can strengthen your connection with the divine and experience the transformative power of prayer.

Understanding the Significance of Green Candles

Green candles hold deep symbolism in spiritual practices. They represent wealth, abundance, and healing. When used for prayer, green candles amplify the energy and intention behind your requests, enabling them to be manifested more quickly. By incorporating green candlelight into your spiritual practice, you open the doors to greater prosperity and connection with the divine.

The Power of Prayer for Wealth, Prosperity, and Healing

Prayer has the remarkable ability to transform our lives. When combined with the specific energy of green candles, it becomes an even more potent tool for attracting wealth, prosperity, and healing. Green candles signify the flow of money, abundance, and the nurturing power of nature. By focusing your prayers on these intentions and using green candles, you enhance the effectiveness of your spiritual practice.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Green Candle Prayer

To begin, you will need a green candle, preferably unscented. Ensure that you have cinnamon powder on hand as well. Cinnamon is known for its potent spiritual properties that align with attracting wealth and abundance.

Create a paste by mixing a tablespoon of cinnamon powder with a small amount of water. Apply this paste to the surface of the green candle. Allow it to dry completely. The cinnamon-infused candle will amplify the energy of your prayers.

Before lighting the candle, set a clear intention for your prayer. Focus on attracting wealth, prosperity, open doors, or healing. Visualize your desires as already fulfilled, allowing yourself to feel the joy and gratitude that comes with their manifestation.

Using a matchstick or lighter, ignite the green candle. As it begins to burn, start reciting your prayers. Speak your requests with faith, clarity, and gratitude. Imagine the flame as a symbol of divine energy manifesting your desires.

As the candle burns, maintain your focus and visualization. Envision your desires coming to fruition. Feel the positive energy and connection with the divine. Let your prayers flow from your heart, expressing your deepest intentions.

Once your prayer session is complete, express gratitude for the divine guidance and assistance. Thank the universe for manifesting your desires. Trust that your prayers have been heard and that the energy of the green candle has aligned with your intentions.


By using this spiritual practice into your life, you open the doors to abundance and divine blessings. Remember, faith, focus, and visualization are key elements in manifesting your

desires. If you seek further guidance or assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Priest Nduga. Embrace the power of green candle prayer and experience the transformation it can bring to your life.

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