Love spell to get ex back when no contact fails

Love spell to get ex back when no contact fails

Ending a relationship can be heartbreaking, especially when you still have feelings for your ex. Many people try the no contact rule after a breakup, cutting off communication in hopes their ex will miss them and want to reconcile. But what happens when no contact fails and your ex still hasn’t reached out? This is when powerful love magic can help turn things around.

In this article, I’ll provide you with love spells and rituals designed to get your ex back after no contact doesn’t work. These are methods I’ve used successfully for my clients who want to reattract and reconcile with their lost loves. Read on to learn how you can cast magic to make your ex obsessed with you again and restore your broken relationship.

Understanding Why No Contact Fails

When a relationship ends, the no contact rule is often recommended. This means completely cutting off communication with your ex for a set period of time, usually 30-60 days. No calls, texts, social media, nothing.

The purpose is to give you both space to gain perspective and work through emotions. Your ex then has a chance to realize how much they miss you and want you back.

Unfortunately, no contact often fails for various reasons:

  • Your ex started dating someone new soon after the breakup
  • They have avoided dealing with their feelings and fear reaching out
  • Too much damage was done before initiating no contact
  • They have become stubborn and unwilling to reconcile

If your ex hasn’t reached out after no contact, don’t lose hope. Powerful spell work can clear away these obstacles and touch your ex at the soul level.

How Love Spells Can Help When No Contact Fails

Love spells work on energy, intention, and belief to bend reality to your will. Rather than forcing your ex to act a certain way, they open up their heart and guide them back into your arms.

Here are some of the ways love spells can help turn things around when no contact doesn’t work:

  • Removes negative energy accumulated during the relationship
  • Clears third party interferences or karmic debt affecting reconciliation
  • Aligns your energies and restores the lost connection with your ex
  • Touches their soul and reminds them of the love you once shared
  • Makes them miss you and obsess over reconciling with you
  • Opens their eyes to see you as their soulmate and ideal partner
  • Releases past hurts or stubbornness standing in the way of reunion

The key is using specific ingredients, rituals, and intentions tailored to your unique situation. This is why working with an experienced spell caster like myself often brings the best results.

Powerful Love Spells to Get Your Ex Back After No Contact Fails

If you’re ready to use magic to recapture your ex’s heart, here are some of my most powerful spells for reconciling after no contact doesn’t work:

Sweeten Their Heart Reconciliation Spell

Sweeten Their Heart Reconciliation Spell  to Get Your Ex Back After No Contact Fails

This spell uses sweetening herbs like cinnamon and vanilla to soften your ex’s heart and perspective of you. It brings out warmer, loving feelings and erases any bitterness or resentment.

You’ll need: red candle, cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, brown sugar

Carve your ex’s name into the candle. Anoint it with vanilla, then roll in cinnamon and brown sugar. Light the candle and visualize your ex thinking fondly of you, then say:

“With this sweetening light, bitter feelings take flight. (Ex’s name), think of me with love, our destinies together, the angels speak of from above.”

Crossroads Reunion Ritual

Crossroads Reunion Ritual

The crossroads is a powerful place for reconciliation magic, as it represents coming together and leaving the past behind. Perform this ritual outdoors:

Gather your ex’s photo, two red roses, and a red ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the roses, envisioning reuniting with your beloved. Go to a crossroads and dig a small hole. Place the roses inside and say:

“At this crossroads, new paths are sewn. (Ex’s name) and I reunite, our love eternally grown.”

Sprinkle the earth over the roses, believe your ex is coming back to you, then leave without looking back.

Return to Me Oil

Return to Me Oil to Get Your Ex Back After No Contact Fails

This oil harnesses magnetic energies to draw your ex back. Place a pair of your ex’s socks in a mason jar (or item worn/used by them). Fill with 1 cup olive oil and add:

  • 1 tbsp peppermint ( magnetic attraction)
  • 1 tbsp ginger (renewed passion)
  • 1 tbsp rosemary (reconciliation)
  • Pinch of salt (purification)

Shake the jar daily for a week, charging it with your energy. Dress your ex’s photo in the oil every Friday until they return. You can also anoint green candles. While dressing, visualize your ex thinking of you and desiring reconciliation.

Obsession Spell

Obsession Spell to

This powerful spell amplifies your ex’s longing and obsessive thoughts about you using binding magic. Only use if you have a generally healthy relationship – never for control or harm.

You’ll need: photo of you and your ex, red ribbon, cloves

Wrap the photo tightly in the ribbon sideways and pierce with the cloves, so your images are bound together. Hold tightly and recite:

“(Ex’s name), you are bound to me, this magic seals our destiny. Heart, mind, and soul be mine, our spirits forever intertwined.”

Place the photo in your pillowcase to inspire obsessive dreams of reconciliation.

Tips for Maximizing Results

  • Do rituals on a Friday for love magic
  • Incorporate ingredients/symbols of reconciliation (rose, cinnamon, crossroads, color red or pink)
  • Charge materials with intention by visualizing your ex coming back to you
  • Perform when moon is waxing for increasing manifestation power
  • Send your ex loving thoughts and energy
  • Have patience and believe the magic is working even if you don’t see immediate results

With the right spells and techniques, you can get your ex back even after no contact fails. Just remember – magic works best when you align your actions and energy to your desired outcome. Avoid desperation, arguing, begging or Aquarius.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect results from love spells?

Results timing varies, but within 3-7 days is common. However, the magic can unfold over several weeks. Have patience and faith.

What if my ex is dating someone new?

Powerful love spells can break unhealthy soulmate attachments and redirect your ex’s heart back to you. But their free will must be honored – the goal is reconciliation, not coercion.

What if my ex won’t talk to me or let me explain?

Communication block spells open up stalled conversations so you can express yourself. Sweetening and reconciliation work will make them more receptive.

Will spells impact future relationships if we don’t get back together?

The magic is specific to this ex and reconciling your connection. It won’t cause problems moving forward in the future if needed.

Is there spell work to support staying together long-term?

Yes, spells like romance enhancement, positive communication, and removing temptation can strengthen your bond for the long haul.


Rekindling love after a breakup may seem hopeless, but with the right magic the opportunity for reconciliation always exists. If your ex hasn’t reached out after no contact, don’t wait – take action. Cast these powerful spells to mend your broken relationship and make your ex desire you again. Bring new life to a faltered connection. With the spiritual forces on your side, you can defy the odds and get back the one you cherish.

Learn more about my specialized services helping reunite soulmates and lost loves. I’ve assisted many clients just like you to rewrite their love stories through spellwork. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a consultation about your unique situation – reunion could be closer than you think with magic on your side!

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