Having an itching left hand – and what it means on your money

Here's What It Really Means When Your Left Hand Itches

Having an itching left hand is one of the most common superstitions I have encountered. Personally, it has occurred to me and many around me. This superstition is part of the stories and tales my grandfather told me about. According to the way he emphasized it, the stories are not myths but based on belief. One would encounter good fortune within the days his/her left- or right-hand itches.

The fortune may be acquiring money, a gift or something generally good coming your way. And in other cases, it would be you to make another person’s fortune come true “giving out money or a gift to someone else”. And whenever the itching came upon you and you scratched it with a cooking stick, the superstition would come true.


Superstitions are extraordinarily scattered all over the world. While everybody knows certain misconceptions, hardly anyone can tell you where they came from. Some superstitions are shared by people living in different parts of the world, and it is a wonder how they became parts of cultures that are so different from each other.

I am an African a Muganda by tribe from Uganda. And according to my knowledge the roots of the left-hand itching superstition is a belief that was based on probability of a series of events. One having an itching hand and they acquired money. And another lost money instead of getting it.

But it is also traced in the European continent before Christianity submerged the world. Rubbing one’s hands on silver or gold was a cure to some diseases. So, most people during this time whenever they had itchy hands, they rubbed it against silver and gold.

With time this belief turned into the superstition that an itchy hand meant silver/gold was coming your way.  It was then adopted by the Roman community, commonly by fortunetellers and turned into the version that we know today.


Having an itchy hand in the modern edge has a medical explanation. Where it may be either skin diseases. Eczema, allergic reactions, diabetes, reactions to medication, cirrhosis and nerve. All are known to cause irritation of the skin hence itchy hand {left or right}.

So instead of worrying about money and fortune, take your health in first account and then worry about money when your alive and kicking.

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