How to Make a Honey Jar Love Spell: A Sweet Hoodoo Ritual for Relationships

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Honey Jar Love spells and magic have been used for centuries to attract love and romance. One popular and powerful love spell is the honey jar spell, also known as a “sweet jar.”

This traditional hoodoo ritual can help sweeten a relationship, improve communication, and strengthen the bonds of love.

What is a Honey Jar Love Spell?

A honey jar love spell, also called a “sweetening spell”, is a ritual used in folk magic and hoodoo to attract love, romance, and affection. It’s a type of bottle spell that uses sweeteners like honey or sugar to “sweeten” someone’s feelings or improve a relationship.

The basic premise is that adding something sweet, like honey, will cause the target of your spell to become “sweeter” and more loving towards you. It’s based on the magical principles of sympathy and contagion.

How Does a Honey Jar Love Spell Work?

A honey jar love spell aims to produce feelings of warmth, affection, and fondness in your partner or potential love interest. It works by:

  • Using sweeteners as a symbol of the loving feelings you want to attract
  • Including herbs, oils, or curios to align the energy of the spell
  • Focusing your intention on the desired outcome through rituals like candle burning
  • Keeping the honey jar on your altar to continue magnifying the spell

The act of dressing the jar and performing rituals around it helps direct energy toward your goal. The more intention and energy you put into the spell, the more powerful it becomes.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Honey Jar Love Spell

Follow these steps to create your own honey jar love spell:

1. Choose a Small Glass Jar

Look for a little mason jar, baby food jar, or other glass container with a lid. Make sure it can hold at least 1 cup of ingredients.

2. Write Your Petition

On a small piece of paper, write your beloved’s name 7 times in a row. Turn the paper clockwise and write your name over top of theirs 3 times.

3. Add Contents to the Jar

Next, add the sweetener and any herbs, oils or curios to the jar. For a love spell, good additions include:

  • Honey, maple syrup, or sugar
  • Rose petals or lavender for love
  • Basil or catnip to attract affection
  • Pink or red candle to represent romance

4. Insert the Petition

Roll or fold your petition paper and place it in the jar. Ensure it’s covered by the other ingredients.

5. Seal the Lid

Put the lid on tightly and seal with melted candle wax if desired. This helps contain the energy.

6. Perform Rituals

Hold the jar in both hands and focus your energy on the intention for sweetening your relationship. Chant, pray, or meditate to direct the spell.

7. Keep it Working

Keep the honey jar on your altar or in a safe, sacred spot. Shake it weekly and re-focus your intention to keep the spell active.

Here are 3 simple honey jar spells to Try at Home

DIY Attraction Spell Jar

1. Friendship Honey Jar


  • Small jar
  • Honey or sugar
  • Paper and pen
  • Dried rose petals
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Piece of fabric from your friend

On paper, write your name and your friend’s name 7 times each. Add rose petals, cinnamon sticks, fabric scrap, and sweetener to the jar. Seal tightly and visualize your friendship growing stronger.

2. Self-Love Honey Jar


  • Baby food jar
  • Honey
  • Paper and pen
  • Rose quartz crystal
  • Dried rose buds

Write affirmations of self-love on paper. Add honey, rose quartz, rose buds and paper to the jar. Seal and meditate on self-acceptance.

3. Romance Honey Jar


  • Mason jar
  • Maple syrup
  • Paper and pen
  • Pink or red candle
  • Dried rose petals

Write your name and your crush’s name on paper. Add petals, syrup and candle to jar. Light the candle and visualize romantic feelings growing. Seal jar after candle burns out.

Tips for a Stronger Honey Jar Love Spell

  • Choose a sweetener that resonates with your intention. For example, use honey to invoke the spirit of the bee goddess for fertility and community.
  • Add magical herbs like rose, cinnamon, or damiana. Their properties align with love, lust, and attraction.
  • Include personal items from your beloved like a photo, hair, or fabric with their scent. This personalizes the spell.
  • Perform rituals when Venus is visible to harness the planet’s energy for attraction and relationships.
  • Work the spell during a Waxing or Full Moon to draw in what you desire.
  • Keep the jar sealed tight. This contains the spell’s energy until you’re ready to dispose of it.


A honey jar love spell is one of the sweetest ways to improve your romantic relationships and inspire loving feelings in a partner. With the right ingredients and rituals, this hoodoo sweetening jar can help your love blossom.

Just remember – no spell can violate free will. Magic works best when paired with genuine effort in your relationship. So focus on being your best self andallow the honey jar to give your love an extra dose of sweetness!

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