Think Of Me Spell – Easy Way to Make the Person You Love Think of You Nonstop

think of me spell , make him think of me spell . think of me spell chant think of me spell no ingredients

A powerful think of me spell cast to your target person will make him or her think of you all the time. With the multiple collisions and little contact between each other your only weapon to keep a relationship alive is having your partner on their mind 24/7. Leave alone you are not the only person interested in him/her and willing to do all in your power to make him yours.

Every relationship is different and your partner behaves differently. Some tell you how much he loves you and what, but its only in words never action you never feel the love from him. Is he/she not that invested in the relationship or you suspect infidelity in your relationship? With a think of me spell easily manifest a stronger and deeper love affectionate bond with your partner.

Eliminate any mishaps and un reciprocated love so that your love grows. Expect surprises, kisses in the morning, gifts, romantic calls and messages. And if you are in a long-distance relationship keep constant contact and assurance that your partner is always thinking of you. He/she will not cheat, nor forget about you. All his/her free time will be yours and only you.

Time couples in the 21century spend together is very limited due to the expenses and pressure to better your lives to mimic the ones of your icons. So, you are always busy and the time you have with each other you want to rest. And this create lack intimately and sexually, a make him think of me spell will build a fire in your relationship that will never go out.

If you wish to specifically improve sexual attraction, use this sex spell and make him want you always.

Think Of Me Spell - Easy Way to Make the Person You Love Think of You Nonstop
think of me spell , make him think of me spell . think of me spell chant think of me spell no ingredients
think of me spell , make him think of me spell . think of me spell chant think of me spell no ingredients
Think Of Me Spell - Easy Way to Make the Person You Love Think of You Nonstop

Easy think of me spell – Spell To Have a Person Think about You

This spell works over time. A relationship that grows slowly generally has more chance of success than a short-lived romance and that is what is represented here. Small seeds represent the many sides of a relationship. The spell is done as the Moon is growing in power.


 Packet of seeds of your choice

Pot of soil (to grow them)

A small copper object such as a penny (Copper is sacred to Venus, the Goddess of Love)


  • On a night when the Moon is waxing, go outside and hold the penny in the moonlight.
  • Bury the penny in the soil in the pot.
  • Sprinkle the seeds on top to form the initial of the other person’s name.
  • As the seeds germinate, love should also grow.
  • Remember that just as plants need nurturing so does love, so you will need to look after the growing seeds

Plants will grow and flourish if the love is meant to be, but will wither and die if there is no real energy in the relationship. For those who are not very good at plant-care, you might choose to put a reminder to nurture somewhere prominent.

Think of me spell white magic – Win the Heart of the One you Love

This is a very old traditional love spell. Using a bulb is symbolic of love growing unseen and unrecognized for a time, finally flowering at the right time. You cannot simply leave it alone, but must tend it carefully if it is to grow successfully.


  • Onion bulb
  • Your cutter
  • New flower pot
  • Earth or compost


  • Scratch the name of the one you love on the base of the bulb with your cutter.
  • Plant it in earth in the pot.
  • Place the pot on a windowsill, if possible, facing the direction in which your sweetheart lives.
  • Over the bulb, repeat the name of the one you desire morning and night until the bulb takes root, begins to shoot and finally blooms.
  • Say the following incantation whenever you think of the other person:

May its roots grow,

May its leaves grow,

May its flowers grow,

And as it does so,

[Name of person]’s love grows

You do need patience for this spell and you may well find that you lose the motivation for the relationship before the spell is complete. This would suggest the relationship may not be right for you.


Love spells and rituals are called for when counseling and talking things out tends to fail. And at this point you need a solution that will save your relationship from a breakup. A Powerful think of me cast by me will manifest love connection and attraction in your relationship within days.

And this gives you chance to avoid separation and losing a loved one. I provide free spells manuals on my website to almost all love and relationship issues you can try out at your home. However, if you lack knowledge and experience in casting spells. The results may be delayed, never manifest or bring about karma and side effects.

If you require urgency in your situation, consider contacting me or any other professional spells caster {witch doctor} for prompt help.


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