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How To Remove a Family Curse

Family Curses are everywhere, many People are living a life of constant pain, hurt, disappointment, heart breaks and the like. but have you ever sat down to reflect, is it just you or your family has been undergoing this cycle for generations. family curses are not a mystery, many are silently enduring the pain and misfortune they never caused.

Was it your great grand parents that anoyed someone and that is where all the continous bad luck in the family comes from.

Whether we like it or not, the baggage and history of our families have an impact on who we are as individuals. Due to the long history of undesirable traits they have passed on, you may view your family as a blessing or a burden.

Divorce is an instance of a family curse. Your parents didn’t have a clear understanding of what a good relationship looked like because they both grew up in households with divorced parents. Your parents learned harmful relationship practices from this bad example and gave those to you. You can be wary of commitment because you don’t want to subject your own children to the same suffering or trauma that you did. And this aversion to commitment can keep you from having

Breaking a Family Curse

Breaking a family curse will be difficult, but it will be worthwhile. Once you have a better understanding of your family history, consider how those life events impacted you, either indirectly or directly, and have open conversations with those closest to you.

You are not constrained by these family curses, even though your family history has an impact on you.

You have the option of following in the footsteps of your ancestors and passing on these curses to your offspring, or, if you work really hard, you can remove these curses from your life and the lives of your children. Whether or if the family omen is broken is up to you.

Breaking a family omen and forging healthier bonds with the people you love and future generations gives you a tremendous deal of freedom.

Spells to break negativity from a family curse

Place half a cup of vinegar, a bunch of fresh rue, and a tablespoon of salt in your bath. (Note: Rue can cause dermatitis upon contact with skin.) Light a white and a blue candle close to the bathtub. Imagine yourself as pure light, with nothing entering you but pure universe energy. Visualize the negativity leaving every pore of your body.

Unhexing spell to remove a family curse

Here’s what to do if you think someone has put a hex or curse onyou: Before going to bed, cleanse a white household candle with Florida water and/or holy water. Anoint the candle with psychic or dream oil, light the candle, place a glass of water next to the candle, and pray to your spirits for clarity and understanding of whatever is causing you distress. Do this for three nights in a row beginning on a Monday night. If you receive no clear answer by the end of the week, contact a root worker or tarot reader to see if he or she can determine why these issues have arisen in your life.

Salt and Salt peter Bath for Undoing Tricks

When taking spiritual baths to remove jinxes or negativity in general, you should always wash with downward strokes. This uncrossing bath is for when you are a victim of foot track magic, i.e. something has been buried in your path or under your porch. You will need:

  • One-half teaspoon of saltpeter
  • Eight quarts of hot water

Wash with downward strokes from your face all the way down

nine times. Take the left over water and throw it towards sunrise early in the

morning before the sun comes up.


Breaking a family curse can look like many things. One thing for sure is that more people are breaking them without even realizing. People have been setting up shop on the foundation of the stories they were told as children and making it their own. People are thinking about restoring what was broken in their families and strengthening the families they are creating. The tiniest step in the right direction is you breaking a family curse.

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