Manifest Abundance with a Simple Money Bowl Ritual

How to create your own Money Bowl Spell

We all could use a little more wealth and abundance in our lives. One powerful yet simple way to manifest this is through creating a money bowl. A money bowl is a special ritual that harnesses spiritual energies to attract prosperity into your life.

Whether you’re new to manifestation rituals or are looking to boost your money magic, a money bowl can be a great addition to your spiritual toolkit. The best part is the ingredients are common household items you likely already have on hand. With just a little intentionality and belief in the process, your money bowl can become a wellspring of new wealth and abundance. Let’s get started!

How to create your own Money Bowl Spell

A money bowl ritual can help attract new wealth and prosperity into your life. It’s perfect for anyone who feels stuck in lack or scarcity and is ready to manifest more abundance.

Items needed:

  • A shallow bowl
  • Citrine, jade, or malachite crystals
  • Coins or money
  • Green candle
  • Patchouli or basil essential oil
  • Paper and pen

How to cast:

  1. Take your shallow bowl and place your crystals in the bottom. As you add each one, state your intention for wealth and abundance.
  2. Add your coins and play money on top of the crystals. Feel the excitement of new money entering your life.
  3. Dress your green candle with essential oil and place in the center of the bowl, unlit. Green represents growth and prosperity.
  4. On paper, write down any limiting money beliefs you are ready to release. Place the paper underneath the candle.
  5. Light the candle and watch as its glow energizes your bowl. Say aloud “I welcome wealth and prosperity into my life.”
  6. Let the candle burn down completely. As it burns, imagine wealth flowing to you.
  7. Carry your charged money bowl with you or keep it safely on your altar. Leave the candle burning down each day to magnify the energies.

What to expect: Be open to money coming in unexpected ways. You may get a raise at work, stumble upon a great investment, or have expenses resolved for you. Repeating this ritual under each New Moon will increase its power. Stay centered in gratitude for all that is manifesting for you.

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