Voodoo obsession spell to make someone chase you

Voodoo obsession spell to make someone chase you

Voodoo obsession spell – spells are very powerful when it comes to manifesting love and attraction. If you are a victim of not being shown attention or always chasing around the people you like. You should cast this witchcraft ritual and turn the tables in your favor.

When you do so much just to prove to someone and show them that you truly love them, in the long run it never means good for you. You feel used and unwanted, because you are like forcing yourself on this person and they are never into you the way you love them. They will still ignore and use you whenever they feel like it and when time comes and leave you as soon as they get tired of you.

You may not be in an active relationship with someone but you crave to make him/her yours. Then a voodoo obsession spell is the answer you are looking for. He/she will treat you like royalty, care and make you happy to his fullest potential.

Obsession love spell to make someone obsessed with you

On a piece of parchment paper write the details of the person you wish to attract (name, location and date of birth). Cleanse a rose quartz crystal with three drops of rose oil. Wrap the piece of parchment paper around the crystal and tie a pink ribbon around it. Bury the bundle under a rose bush on a Thursday at the stroke of midnight and say,

“Oh, Mother Earth, I give thee the person I wish to attract. May only beauty and goodness be seen in me by the person you hold deep within”

 Dig up your crystal on Friday next week at the stroke of midnight and leave a seed of a flower behind. Carry the crystal and its bundle with you at all times, especially when you are near the person you wish to attract.

To uncover and blossom a specific person’s feelings – witchcraft obsession spell

In a bowl full of water add three drops of rose oil, the petals of a single rose, and a sodalite crystal. Leave for three days. After the third day, remove the crystal and keep it close to your heart. It will help you to uncover his/her true feelings.

How to put a love spell on someone that works


How you can make someone love you and stay in love forever


If you sense your partner/spouse is shifting his or her attention to someone else, or has been ignoring you for weeks because of someone else, I can help you cast this strong obsession love spell before the situation gets out of control.

  • It makes someone completely obsess over you
  • Your name and image will keep coming up in their mind
  • Your love with this person will blossom
  • Make your personality attract the person to you.
  • This person will not want to spend a day without talking to you or seeing you
  • The person will want a serious romantic relationship with you
  • This spell will bring a serious relationship that will lead to something very beautiful
  • This person will care for you and love you with all that they have and much more

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