How long does a love spell last, does it expire at some point in time or the energies fade-out? If your main aim was to attract someone for a specified time, then you already have an answer. For you who wants to spend the rest of your days with this person you should know this before casting any love spells with or without my help.

We often seek quick and fast results when casting love spells which is not a bad thing but forget what we want or need after that moment. The intention and goal focused on when casting any love spells highly affect how long the magic lasts.

If your heart and mind are on the same point, and focus on creating an everlasting relationship. Lots of love, care and sweetness is what you will get. So focus your energies the right way even when you intend to have the spell cast on your behalf by a spells caster.

The strength of the spell will dictate the outcome of the love spell life-cycle. Powerful spells tend to speak for themselves with always permanent results just as the caster chants. Less powerful spells can give you the result you need, but for a short period and will fade out depending on how long you need them to.

Well now you know a little bit of information about how long the love spells last, but to be more elaborate. Giving examples on the different love spells read along.

keep the love stronger for as long as you want


Voodoo love spells unlike any other forms of love magic is the strongest. Most misinterpret it to be black magic which is not the case. What I can tell you is that there is no real white or black magic, but what make the difference is your intention. Bad intentions lead to black magic and good intentions white magic.

Voodoo is an African originated type of witchcraft practice. As a traditional healer I use voodoo for those things that require lots of magic.

And if you request a powerful spell voodoo is what I deploy. Though locally it’s not obvious, because I connect with my ancestors to make all the spells work. Do blood rituals for money, protection, winning elections, and more.

The results are fast and last decades and centuries down your linage like for the wealth blood rituals. For the love spells the effects of the spell will last till death unless you get tired and decide to release knots.


Binding spells are intended to connect two people none never to go astray from the other. If you include a time stamp on how long the bond should last it will wear off after that time. But it is intended to last unless when other people work a more powerful spell like a voodoo love spell to break the bond.

Most bonds go all the way from attraction, connection, love, and marriage. It’s actually what you are looking for in a relationship. So state an expiration time when casting a binding love spell for it to last depending on your needs.


A sex love spell will last depending on how long as you need it to. For a one night stand its one hook up. For a person in a relationship the sex spells are to spice up your fantasies and sexual appetite.

And will last for a none conclusive period even when you break up, your partner will want to have some fun with you.

If you want to cooperate and enjoy sex with your lover or crush, try a sex spell. If it surprises you in ways that are pleasing and exactly what you are looking for. Make it last as long as you want. Sex is sweeter, fantastic, and adventurous with magic added.


Just like other witchcraft spells, they make your desired outcome last as long as you wish it to. To make your lover call you even when they blocked you cast a love spell.

Reconnect with him/her, if you need the spell to work just until you get back together. That’s all your choice and call to make when casting any call me spells.

The spells I cast carry along chants to end the effect of the spells. For you to determine when you are untying the knots


Returning a lost lover is a delicate and sensitive issue. Just as you can’t get over him or her, it can be unfortunate that he/she has found other relationships. Faster than you and has lesser interest to rekindle your love.

But never lose hope in bringing them back, it’s just anger and reassurance that has forced them that fast to move on.

And to bring them back as fast as possible to rejuvenate the love you had. Or even stronger and more epic, to last till the pacific dries out.

You need a strong spell, fortunately I cast powerful spells. Helped many couples find their way back together. Return the sweet memories, connection, physical and sexual attraction to last for Sever


It does and if you have read the article from the beginning you know why. How the spells wear off and for how long they last.

And it can be of your choosing to undo the spell that’s also a way your spell can wear off. See the signs of a working love spell here.

What you can do if a love spell wears off

  • Re enforce it with a more powerful spell if its usefulness still exists in your life.
  •  Let it take its course in life the way it is.
  • Continue being a good partner in a relationship
  • Don’t panic or hesitant that your love will crumble depending on how long the effects have been in place.


If you have not yet cast a love spell or have done so and the effects wore out fast. Or never did happen, I am a Muganda traditional healer, with connection to powerful energies through my ancestors.  Cast powerful spells to solve people issues in less than 24 hours. No side effects all the people.

Cast lasting spells like love spells, marriage spells, good luck spells, wealth spells, protection spells and more. Contact me for any inquires I will response as fast as I can.

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