Commitment spells – get your partner to become serious in your relationship.

Commitment spells – get your partner to become serious in your relationship.

Commitment is not for everyone and that is why few people are engaged in a serious or long-term relationship in your community. Choosing to commit to someone else is a difficult decision and a very crucial step in life that many fears. But you love your partner, you shouldn’t risk it. Use any chance and resource in your disposal to make things work no matter what.

With a powerful commitment spell, you can bind both of your minds, body and souls to live for each other till your last days. Protect your love {relationship/marriage} against any external forces that may aim at destroying it. Though you may be intrigued by the wonders and facts about commitment spells, you should never take spell casting lightly.

If you have time and items needed to cast any love spells you should try out my free commitment spells below. Take some time to think a meditate about your current relationship and where you wish it to be. Do you really and genuinely love your partner, make sure your feelings are not crowded by any other motive. These commitment spells are powerful and will manifest a deep connection in your relationship.

Make your partner serious about you with a love spell. Many fear that casting love spells may result to an obsessive lover, but that’s not the case. If you cast the right place with the right person nothing can go wrong. Commitment is a very important step in a growing relationship.

If you are stuck anywhere, lack experience or afraid to screw anything up, contact a professional spells caster to help you bring about good change in your relationship.

Spell to Enhance a Relationship


  • 2 pink or red candles
  • Rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, or patchouli essential oil
  • Deck of tarot cards

Timing and Directions:

  • During the waxing moon, preferably on a Friday

This spell is designed to increase the love between you and a partner. Choose candles of a color that signifies what you’re trying to accomplish. Pink represents love and affection, and red represents passion. Select the oil you like best.

During the waxing moon, anoint the candles with the essential oil. Put a dot of oil on your heart to open it. From your deck of tarot cards, select the king and the queen of cups (which stand for you and your partner) and the nine of cups (the wish card). Place the candles on the altar, and set the three cards face up between the candles. Light the candles and state your wish. Be specific. Imagine it coming true. After a few minutes, extinguish the candles and place them in the area where you and your beloved will be spending time together. Whenever you’re together in that room, make sure these candles are burning.

Binding Spell for commitment

Use this spell to bind another person to you and make him/her commit to a serious relationship or marriage.

Light a plain candle using only a match (no lighters, etc.). Write your name on a piece of paper and then write the name of the person you wish to bind to you on another piece. Place the two pieces together with the names facing each other and roll them up into one. Pass them through the candle flame without setting them alight and recite the words below;

  • I (your name) Am Now With (others name),
  • We Shall Be Together Forever,
  • He/She Shall Love Me,
  • And Shall Be Bound To Me Forever,
  • It Will Be So And It Shall Be So.

Go and bury the pieces of paper outside. The person you chose should be yours before the paper rots away.

When you cast a commitment spell …

Commitment spells can be useful in manifesting a lot of things in relationships.

Are you in a one-sided relationship or your partner is not serious about the relationship the way you are? Or you have someone you are dating and see something special with him or her and wouldn’t want things to end. Take your relationship to the next level and make it last as long as you want it.

Or your partner is so comfortable in the way things are and doesn’t want to change a thing. Often being committed means a lot but no change is easily accepted.

How to put a love spell on someone

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