How to Do A Love Binding Spells to Connect Your Hearts

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Binding spells are powerful spells that bind something or someone to you. Love binding spells specifically harness magical energies to bind two people’s hearts and wills.

When used respectfully on those with mutual interest, love binding spells can deepen connections.

Key Takeaways:

  • Binding spells join two partners energetically when done ethically.
  • Gather candles, oils, thread, needles, matches and carve names.
  • Pierce the heart, bind with thread, light candle to activate.
  • Perform on waxing moon, use names, pierce with intention.
  • Can be safely reversed if needed by unbinding materials.
  • Requires mutual consent so as not to control someone’s will.

What is a Love Binding Spell?

A love binding spell uses candles, oils, herbs, and spoken intention to magically bind two people’s hearts and wills. The spell joins the two together, forming an energetic link. It can be used to strengthen an existing bond or attract a new love.

Binding spells compel, so only practice them ethically on willing partners with mutual consent. Never force someone against their will.

How to Cast a Love Binding Spell

To safely perform love binding magic, follow these steps:

Gather Your Materials

You’ll need:

A red figure candle representing your target partner (male or female)

Bound to Me oil or other love oil

A needle and blue thread


Inscribe the Candles

Using the needle, carve your target’s name starting at the base and moving up. Overwrite your own name (or the binder’s name) directly on top of the first name.

Anoint and Pierce the Candle

Anoint the candle with love oil from middle to top, then middle to bottom. Thread the needle and pierce the heart, saying:

“Just as this candle burns, so shall the heart of [Name], His/Her heart burns after me. His/Her Heart Shall Not Sleep. They shall turn to me until they so follow, I, [Your Name], with great love and affection.”

Bind the Thread

Wrap the candle three times with thread, tying knots and saying “In Heart”, “In Mind”, and “In Body”.

Light the Candle

Light the candle to activate the binding spell.

Unbinding the Spell

If needed, the spell can be safely reversed. Inscribe a new candle with their name backwards. Wrap thread counter clockwise, stating releasing phrases. Discard materials respectfully. Or follow these steps:

If the relationship runs its course or you need to ethically remove the binding, carefully reverse the spell:

  • Obtain a new figure candle carved with their name backwards.
  • Wrap string counter clockwise without tying knots.
  • Pierce the candle heart area in the opposite direction.
  • Recite releasing, unbinding verses as you work.
  • Light the reversal candle.
  • Bury remaining materials with gratitude when finished.
  • Give thanks for the experience and lessons.
  • Allow your partner’s complete free will once more.

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Tips for Casting a Love Binding Spell

Check that your partner consents and is compatible.

Work on a waxing moon, preferably a Friday for love magic.

Collect red figure candle, love oil, needle, thread, matches.

Laser focus your intention during the ritual.

Visualize your energies intertwining as you bind.

Speak from the heart when reciting the incantation.

Bind with care and caution. Only for willing partners.

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Love binding spells should be used with great care and ethical intentions. But when two people wish to connect their hearts and deepen affection, binding magic can help unite them.

Cast the spell on a waxing moon, employ candle carving, anointing, piercing, knot tying, and lighting to safely harness these potent magical forces of attraction.

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