Black magic for love – create opportunities for love

black magic to make someone fall in love with you

Black magic for love to create opportunities for love. Are you wondering why people around you are happily in love, they have attracted the right people in their lives and are having a wonderful relationship? All they did was not much but to look in the right places for help and guidance. Love and relationships can be very complicated but no one is willing to give up on having one. This is one of the reasons people are willing to go about everything to remove obstacles in their love life.

However, some are on the losing end in relationships and attracting good and loving partners in their lives. It always feels like the universe is against you or something blocking you from attracting the right person for you. This is a something very huge and also not normal, but you need not to stay in such a hurtful life. Take control of your love life with Black magic for love to create opportunities for the most compatible relationship.

Black magic to make someone love you

You have heard a lot about people who have involved spells in solving their problems, but with love its different because it involves another person directly. The big difference and disability in relationships is being attracted to a specific person and doesn’t feel the same way.

And that is why you will need black magic for love to create opportunities for love. Manifest a magnetic force around for those who you fancy and wish to have a relationship with. Make the person you are attracted to feel the same way as you. Break and end the cycle of a loveless life today.

Make someone fall in love with you

This a complex part in casting black magic for love because it involves changing a person’s image and feelings towards you. Like someone who used to view you as a stranger starting to want you close and interested in you. So, if you have encountered multiple situations where the person you love never loves you back. Have a black magic spell cast and to attract and create opportunities for love, contact me through the various contact details on this website.

black magic to make someone fall in love with you

Black magic to create opportunities for love

 This is not a spell to draw a person to you, but more to ‘open the way’ – to alert the other person to the possibility of a relationship with you. The spell should be performed on a Friday. The use of your mother’s ring is symbolic of continuity.


  • A wine glass.
  • A ring (traditionally your mother’s wedding ring would be used)
  • Red silk ribbon about 80cm (30 inches) long


  • Put a wine glass right way up on a table.
  • Make a pendulum by suspending the ring from the red silk ribbon.
  • Hold the pendulum steady by resting your elbow on the table, with the ribbon between your thumb and forefinger. Let the ring hang in the mouth of the wine glass.
  • Clearly say your name followed by that of the other person. Repeat their name twice i.e. three times in all. Then, thinking of them, spell their name out loud.
  • Allow the ring to swing and tap against the wine glass once for each letter of their name.
  • Tie the ribbon around your neck, allowing the ring to hang down close to your heart.
  • Wear it for three weeks, and repeat the spell every Friday for three weeks.
  • By the end of the third week, the person you have in your sights will show an interest, unless it is not meant to be.

Let’s assume you are interested in someone, but the interest does not seem to be reciprocated. This black magic spell ensures there are no hindrances, but there has to be at least some feeling for it to stand a chance of working

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