Removing a Curse | Free Cleansing Spells you can try at home

Removing a Curse | Free Cleansing Spells you can try at home

Removing a curse is just the tip of the ice bag for many peoples situations. You are in debts, no friends, the side effects of the curse eating away your happiness bit by bit you never see it coming. Its unfortunate that most of your folks have no idea why you are always the one suffering, or even have the slightest knowledge where the mishaps are coming from.

You are only sitting and waiting for a miracle to come your way. However good things in life are not waited for, whether you are born lucky but lack effort and determination to achieve your goals. i promise you the goals will remain far and rare.

It might be the other way round, you have really tried, consulted sharmans, spell casters, root workers. But that didnt turn out well for you. You were never helped nor informed why you are cursed.

Take advantage of the information below on how removing a curse can be done at the comfort of your home. Take matters in your own hands. Its never too late to try one or more times.

Removing a curse by Creating  a Spiritual Barrier

 To make a spiritual barrier between you and evil influences, make spiritual protection magic oil that contains the following:

  • Angelica essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Bay leaves
  • Piece of mandrake root

Add to a base of almond oil. Anoint entryways, windowsills, and doorknobs to your home and workplace to keep out negative influences.

Removing a curse with spell to Purify the soul

Draw a bath and to the water add the milk of one fresh coconut and the petals of a white flower. (Note: Choose your flower carefully to avoid allergic reactions, harmful effects from oils, etc.) Visualize yourself rising to the heavens, feeling free and full of love, with universal energies dancing all around you. You are connected and purified.

Bath to remove a curse and removing a curse

Fill the bathtub half full with warm water. To this water add one tablespoon each of Blessed Sea Salt and clear household ammonia. As you enter the tub, bring with you a small bowl, cup or glass to pour the water over you. As you are pouring the water over yourself, imagine all negative energy being washed off your aura.

Once this is done, imagine yourself being completely filled up from head to toe with white light, let this white light extend from your body to a radius of about three feet, also extending above your head and below your feet. While you are in this bath, completely immerse yourself in the water about every three minutes. This spiritual/ aura cleansing bath should last nine minutes with a total of three immersions. When you get out of the bathtub you may towel dry your hair but let the bath water air dry on your skin. This way the cleansing effect will stay with you for a period of twenty-four hours.


Removing curses or hexes and black magic is not a straight forward process. Sometimes instead of getting better the situation escalates and becomes harder for you. Or the remedies above are not near the help you need.

Then it is not too late to consult priest nduga, first request a reading and go through the cleansing and protection ritual process. After this thank me later, you will no regret it, he has the best methods to removing curses of any kind.

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