Powerful Magic Spells to Turn Friendship into love

Turn Friendship into Love

Use Spell to Turn Friendship into Love. Having unrequited romantic feelings for a close friend is a common situation many find themselves navigating. You deeply value the friendship but long for it to organically blossom into something more. In my experience as a voodoo priest, targeted magic spells can provide the gentle nudge needed to turn a treasured friendship into a romantic relationship.

Manifest Romance With A Friend

It’s painful to have romantic love for a friend that isn’t reciprocated. You likely don’t want to jeopardize the friendship by confessing feelings, but suppressing your true emotions also feels inauthentic. This can leave you stuck in an agonizing in-between space, craving greater intimacy but fearing rejection or change.

I’ve worked with many clients who secretly held affections for a friend for months or years without feeling able to reveal it. They felt confused about how to shift the relationship toward romance without forcing uncomfortable conversations or ultimatums. The Spell to Turn Friend into Love provides a third option – opening their friend’s eyes to recognize a loving potential between them.

Overcoming the Friend Zone Struggle with love spells

Unrequited romantic love for a friend can lead to several difficulties including:

  • Jealousy when they date others
  • Resentment from feeling undervalued
  • Anxiety about confessing feelings
  • Envy seeing other couples happy
  • Fear of jeopardizing the friendship
  • Confusion about how they feel

These make the inner turmoil of secretly loving someone unavailable or oblivious to your affections. It’s a challenging space for the heart to inhabit long-term.

3 DIY Turn Friend Into Lover Spells

Spells to Turn Friend into Love a compassionate spiritual solution for nudging a friendship toward romance. By focusing your intention, energy and rituals, you can open your friend’s eyes to see you as a potential partner versus just a platonic companion.

Let’s explore some simple magic spells and rituals you can use to share your true feelings with the Universe and invite destiny to unfold.

Red Candle Love Ritual

Carve your name and your friend’s name into a red candle representing love and passion. As you light the candle, visualize their heart opening to receive your love and affection. Chant:

“As this candle burns bright love’s flame, may [name’s] heart welcome mine the same.”

Rose Petal Wish Spell to Turn Friend into Love

Rose Petal Wish Spell to turn friendship into love

Gather 7 rose petals. Holding each petal, envision your friendship blossoming into romance as you state a wish aloud. Example wishes:

“I wish for our bond to deepen.”

“I wish for our care to be expressed openly.”

“I wish for our future of love untold.”

Release the petals into moving water or the wind.

Seashell Intention Setting

Hold a seashell and meditate on your desire for romance with your friend. Envision your connection as an ocean – vast, fluid, intimate. Whisper your intention for love into the seashell then keep it near as a symbol of possibilities.

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My Personal Experience Catalyzing Friendship into Romance

Earlier in my voodoo practice, I too held unspoken love for a dear longtime friend. We had an undeniable bond and I sensed our potential for more. But fear of muddling our friendship prevented me from being vulnerable about my budding romantic feelings.

Instead, 1 performed a 7-day seashell intention setting ritual. Each morning I would hold my seashell, envision us in love, and chant my desires into it. My attachment to outcome lifted through the process. Then suddenly, he revealed he had secretly loved me all along and finally felt guided to share it! We’ve now been married 2 beautiful years.

Spell to Turn Friend into Love can open miraculous doors by optimizing energy and intention. Approach it with an open heart full of care for your friend.

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Harnessing the power of focused Spell to Turn Friend into Love provides a gentle path for turning friendship into romance when conditions are ripe. While respecting your friend’s feelings and journey, spells allow you to transmit your desires to the Universe.

Trust in divine timing and detach from expectations. Seek only to invite more love into the world. Fostering true friendship is already sacred – let magic simply unveil possibilities for growth into something deeper.

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