Friendship spell – Harness true friends and connection

Powerful witchcraft spell to attract friend

Friendship spell – Harness true friends and connection. Heal a broken friendship, attract new and more friends also turn your enemies to your friends. Friends are very important in one’s life, they can be a dependable source of emotional, psychological and financial support. A true friend will always have your back at all times. And if it’s the opposite with you and you are finding difficult times to connection and find good friends. Cast these friendship spells you will start attracting the right people in your life.

Attracting a New Friend with a friendship spell

Working magically can sometimes be a lonely business. However, we do have the means at our disposal to draw people towards us in friendship and love. This spell draws to you a friend rather than a lover – someone of like mind who enjoys the same things that you do. It is best performed during the waxing phase of the Moon.


  • Three brown candles
  • Sheet of paper
  • Pen


  • Light the candles.
  • On the sheet of paper, write down the attributes you would like your friend to have.
  • Say each one out loud.
  • Fold the paper in half twice.
  • Light the edge of the folded paper from one of the candles and repeat the words below:

With heart and mind i do now speak

 bring to me the one i seek

let this paper be the guide

and bring this friend to my side.

Pain and loneliness be no more

draw a companion to my door

with pleasures many and sorrows few

let us build a friendship new.

Let not this simple spell coerce

or make my situation worse.

As i will, it shall be.

  • Let the paper burn out then snuff out the candles.
  • Use these candles only for the same type of spell.

Within the next few weeks, you should meet someone with some or all of the qualities you seek. Remember that you have called this person to you, so you can have the confidence and the time to explore the relationship properly. Never ever be judgmental about qualities in your new friend that are not ones that you have requested

Friendship spell to attract great people in numbers

This spell calls on several disciplines; candle, representational and incantation. It is best performed at the New Moon, since you are trying to bring about new ways of relating to people and also hoping to meet new friends.


  • Several sheets of paper
  • Pen
  • Jasmine, lavender or patchouli essential oil in a carrier oil such as almond
  • A white candle


  • Anoint the candle with a few drops of the oil.
  • Inscribe it with the Ogham Stave for friendship, Ur:
  • Light the candle, then take a ritual cleansing bath.
  • Anoint yourself with more of the oil paying particular attention to the pulse spots.
  • Take one sheet of paper and draw a figure to represent yourself – it does not have to be good art.
  • Make sure your gender is recognizable.
  • Write underneath the figure all those attributes which make you a good companion e.g. funny, bubbly, curious etc.
  • On the other pieces of paper draw representations of both men and women and the interests you would like them to have which are similar to yours.
  • Briefly hold between your hands the paper which represents you, together with each of the other papers making sure that the drawings face one another.
  • Say each time:

Let us meet each other

Let us greet each other

Let us become friends

Let us become companions

And if we grow to love one another

Then so be it.

  • Put a drop of oil on one corner of each of the papers.
  • Now spread the papers out in front of you and visualize a link from you to each of the others, almost like a spider’s web and say:

Spider Woman, Spider Woman,

weave me a charm

Make me good enough,

clever enough them all to disarm.

  • Now let the candle burn out.
  • You should find that new friends appear before the next New Moon.

All life can be seen as a network, and each individual is a strand within that network. Spider Woman is a North American goddess who weaves charms and reveals the power and the purpose of each strand. She keeps you aware of the importance of these connections in your life.

Powerful witchcraft spell to attract friends

Make yourself a little pink or purple drawstring bag. Let the peels of one lemon dry for three days. Then put the peels in your little bag and add a teaspoon of passionflower petals and a bloodstone crystal that has been cleansed with lavender essential oil. Hold this little bag in your hands and visualize yourself in a place full of people, talking, laughing, and having fun. Keep this little bag with you when you need a friend around.

Friendship spell to attract friends

Tools: Several ribbons

When: During the waxing moon

This is a good spell to do when you move into a new neighborhood or enter a new school and don’t know anybody. Collect several ribbons in various colors. Each ribbon represents a friend. Tie the ribbons to the branches of a tree. As you tie each ribbon, focus on attracting a new friend into your life. Say aloud:

“I now have a friend whom i love, respect, trust, and enjoy.”

Friendship spell chant make new friends

Use the following to end loneliness and make new friends. Cut thirteen (13) pieces of paper into strips roughly 5cm x 7.5cm. Draw a heart on one of the pieces, this represents you. Draw a simple stick figure of a person on each of the remaining pieces. Place the heart piece in the center of a circle made up of the other pieces and visualize yourself in the middle surrounded by people. Concentrate for a moment and then say the following in a loud clear voice;

I am no longer lonely. I have many friends. They will all come to me and enjoy my company. Amongst them will be many. Who can easily love me. I will have the choice. I will make the right choice.

Concentrate a little longer on what you have been doing, and make certain to repeat this ritual every day until you get results.

Attraction spell for making more friends

Use this ceremony to attract new friends and keep old ones. Light a gold or yellow candle on a Sunday. Visualize many people walking towards you with, smiling and arms open. Take a moment to do this and then say the following nine times;

Friends i have, friends i keep. New friends i shall have too, and to me they shall be kind and true.

This ritual should be performed for nine consecutive nights.

Reconcile friendship spell – Repair Broken Friendship

Used for bringing friends back together. As with the spell above you will start this rite on a Friday and continue it for nine consecutive days or nights. Light a green candle and recite the words below six times over;

O princess of peace, reconcile this friendship, fair lady that thou art, please intervene on my behalf, no animosity do I harbor, no doubts do I possess, all I seek with (say the name of the person), are peace, harmony and happiness.

Friendship attraction spell to turn enemies into friends

Use this ritual to convert your enemies into friends. Light a green candle and visualize your foe smiling with his/her arms open to you in a gesture of friendship. Now say the following words six times;

I forgive thee for all. And you forgive me for all. Peace and harmony shall be our friends. And friends we shall be to one another

Do this ritual for nine consecutive nights, beginning on a Friday.

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Friends and friendship are a very utile and powerful thing you should never let to perish. Never use fake reasons to lose real friends but rather use real reasons to get rid of fake friends. With friendship spell, find and keep real and supportive friends in your life.

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