Stop Partner who drinks too much using this African method

Stop Partner who drinks too much using this African method

A partner that drinks to the max is a nightmare to all relationships and you need to moderate this ASAP. But its not out of the blue that you partner may be trailing to be alcoholism. He stays long at the bars, has break outs and emotional unattachments, or is smelling booze when he/ she gets home.

You may think following his moves and talking about the issue at hand could help. Well, you’re right, it does to some extent, but your partner may not be emotionally available to hear you out. Then what you need is to spiritually call on him and make you message heard loud and clear.

Stop drinking tonics, spells and rituals are an African solution that never fails us. Being born in a traditional healing family, I have bearded witness on countless occasions where insane drunkards are revived back to sanity and responsible human beings.


If talking to your partner leads to slaps and physical abuse, then my sister before you get hurt. Forward the matter to the authorities. I won’t be able to help you bedridden.


Every drinking case is unique but similar to each other. Drinking is a pleasure that at a moderated pace posses no harm to him or you. The problem comes in when its over the top he/she is no longer drinking for fun but to wash away stress, fatigue, and to zone out.

Most relationships are in total chaos in silence because of fear to expose the struggles you are facing to a third person or fear to be a laughing stock among your friends. Your partner bullies you and it seems you have a lot to lose when you confront him-her about this issue.

Some of the ways your partner starts boozing nonstop are easy and that’s what makes them addictive. He-she is drinking to get drunk, drowning his fears and anxieties with alcohol. He is sneaking around to get a shot of whisky or vodka. He is no longer getting drunk after a few beers with friends and turns to hard liquor.

Before such symptoms go to extreme, take action and speak your mind. Unless you are willing to risk losing the person you have plans to spend your life with. The father or mother of your children. If your children are mature, what do you think they feel or go through by having a drunk parent. The abuse will move from you to all members of the family if you don’t action.

I know confrontation is a difficult thing and you are exposed to abuse nevertheless. That is why a spell or ritual to spiritually stop your partner from drink too much is an alternative you don’t want to overlook.

Rehabilitation, hospital bills, therapy all cost a huge sum of money which can also be a challenge due to the world economy at the moment. You could have him or her quit drinking just like that. Cheap fast and conveniently.


Your relationship and partner were in a better place before alcohol came to the mix. And you have a chance to make happiness comeback to you using my African traditional methods to get your partner to quit alcohol. It’s a tested and proven way to stop people from taking alcohol in Uganda.

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