Aura Cleansing Spell and ritual, Atrract Good Luck & Prosperity 

Aura Cleansing Spell and ritual, Atrract Good Luck & Prosperity 

Aura Cleansing Spell and ritual, Atrract Good Luck & Prosperity. Often, even rested and with a full day ahead, something does not seem to work well. The tiredness of unexplained origin, spiritual disturbances, frequent yawning and bad vibrations surrounding you. For this, the individual who suffers from such spiritual intervention can perform an aura cleansing ritual in order to treat the symptoms and negative events.

Procedures can involve bathing, smudging, etc., or the union of all of them, enhancing the effects and making the aura cleansing even more effective.

Clear Negative energy from your aura with this powerful spell

Cleaning the aura is important for many reasons. With this cleanse, we can get rid of the negative energy that we accumulate day by day. The key is to get the physical, mental and spiritual body fully balanced. Thus, in the end, one will feel much better and happier.

We must bear in mind that in the world we find energies that interact with us of all kinds and in different modalities. There are those that are positive and generate light, but there are negative modalities as well. Therefore, it is essential to subject the aura to periodic cleaning.

In addition, this way we will be able to radiate positive energy through our own aura. Getting our physical and spiritual energy system together will be key to achieving continued success in this endeavor.

Aura Cleansing Spell To Cast At Home

For the purpose of restoring luck, happiness and the will to act, the aura cleansing rituals are recommended whenever the individual feels being a target of bad vibrations from others. To start the following cleansing ritual, wait for a beautiful, sunny day and prepare the following materials:

A packet of green citronella;

A piece of white thread.

With these ingredients in hand, join the citronella leaves and tie them well with the piece of white thread, forming a kind of broom. Then walk to the square closest to your house and take off your shoes when you are on the ground.

Once done, use the citronella bundle to “sweep” your body from top to bottom without forgetting the sole of your bare feet. Do the ritual in order to drive out any disturbance, blockage, or magic made to make you unhappy. Remember also, as you sweep, ask to be freed from all sorrow, jealousy or impasse placed in your path.

When you have finished sweeping your whole body, throw the citronella pack back and move on. In any case, should you ever look back to where you performed your Aura Cleansing Spell.

Arrive at home, prepare a bath containing herbs or essential oils of chamomile and wash with it from head to toe. Finish the ritual by wiping lightly after bathing (do not rub the towel, let the body absorb the chamomile) and changing clothes.

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