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A come to me spell is one you should cast when your lover is bridging a distance between you. Has your significant other asked for some space or is asking for some time to think about your relationship. Time and space in this short life is not a luxury. We have very short lives that should be lived to the fullest.

Love is a sacred and most valuable treasure on can hold in a lifetime. If you have found the one person who makes you laugh and happy. You never have to let your mistakes dictate the success of your relationship or marriage.

Make him or her come to you as fast as possible with a powerful love magic spell. Work out your arguments and differences, no relationship doesn’t have arguments. But how fast you handle them to avoid breakups and breaks/spaces in your relationship is what makes it last till death.

Why you need a come to me spell as soon as possible!

With this come to me spell, if you are in an active misunderstanding with your partner. Want to attract a specific person and make him-her come to you.  You are in the right place to make the universe work with you.

Witchcraft and spells for love with the right intention will penetrate the person’s heart. Manifest thoughts and attraction towards you, if you were having a misunderstanding. He will come to you and this is your chance to make the relationship work.

Have you had a never-ending argument with your partner where he-she never forgets what happened the recent times you fought? He/she always brings history up and adds it up to your current arguments only to make you feel small and walk over you. Forgiving and forgetting is a core to removing relationship clashes.

Free spell for a lover to come to you

This spell is reputed to work very quickly, so do not be too rash. Red candles represent passion, so you must take responsibility for whatever happens when you call your lover to you.


  • Two silver pins
  • A red candle


  • Stick two silver pins through the middle of a red candle at midnight.
  • Concentrate on your lover and repeat his or her name several times.
  • After the candle burns down to the pins, your lover will arrive. It is also said that if you give your lover one of the pins, they will remain bound to you.
  • If you wish companionship rather than passion, use a candle of a color appropriate to the other person’s astrological sign.

This spell is one used to influence someone else, so be very careful how you use it. Pins were often used in magical work in times gone by, because they were readily available. One old custom was to ask a bride for the pins from her wedding dress, for which you must give her money.


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