Break up spell – stop or cause breakup of your relationship

Break up spell – stop or cause breakup of your relationship

Break up spell – stop or cause breakup of your relationship. Breakups and clashes in relationships are not new news in love, relationships and marriage. No one ever thinks such an incident can happen but it does. Therefore, you gave to handle such a dilemma with care what ever the outcome you anticipate.

Everyone has a desired outcome when a breakup arises in their relationship. Either to save the relationship/marriage by stopping the breakup and diffusing this ticking bomb. Ease the clashes and disputes you have between you two and rekindle your love and relationship.

One might want to end the relationship and find greener pastures. There are many reasons to why you may want to end your relationship. Either its violence, abuse, mistreatment or you found a new person who shows you more love and care. And many more to tickle your senses and give you butterflies.

Break up spells are very effective and useful when you have an ongoing rapture in your relationship. This spell will either heal or dry the wounds you have suffered between the two of you. Create harmony and understanding so that each of you can respect the others decision and save or break your marriage or relationship fast.

And if you still love your partner due to the numerous reasons. I will focus it on healing your disputes and manifesting a deeper romantic, affectionate and intimate connection for a stronger relationship.

Try these two free love spells aimed at dealing with breakups in relationships and marriage. If you require professional help, contact me for a paid spell casting service with guaranteed results.

Spell to strengthen attraction in a relationship and stop a breakup

If you love someone but feel that they are not reciprocating, try this break up spell. Be aware though, that by using this spell you are trying to have a direct effect upon the other person. You are using representational magic because the hair stands for the person you are hoping to influence.


  • A few strands of the person’s hair
  • A rose scented incense stick


  • Light the incense.
  • Repeat the name of the one you long for several times, saying each time: [Name] love me now, love me more.
  • Hold the hair on the burning incense until it frizzles away.
  • As the hair burns, think of their indifference dissipating and being replaced by passion.
  • Leave the incense to burn out.

Before you perform this, you should have tried to work out why the other person feels indifferent and consider whether what you are proposing. If, for instance, the person you want to attract has not learnt how to commit to a relationship, it would influence them.

Break up love spell To Stop an Argument and save a relationship from ending

This is a spell to stop an argument between you and another or to change their feelings of aggravation. You are using color and representational magic here. So that you do not let your own feelings intrude, you might take a ritual bath first. The plate is used for two reasons in this spell. Firstly being glass it reflects back to the person, and secondly through its color it raises the whole question to its highest vibration.


Glass plate (Deep purple, if possible, but if not, clear will work just as well)

Picture of the person with whom you have argued


  • Place the picture face down on the plate for no more than 15 minutes. You do not want to over-influence the recipient, so spend a few moments remembering the good times you have had.
  • For this reason, if using an ordinary photograph, you should also be aware of where the negative to the picture is so that you are only using positive energy.
  • The person should either drop in or communicate in some other way within 24 hours so you can resolve your difficulties.
  • If they do not, repeat the procedure for no more than 15 minutes.
  • If after a third time you still haven’t heard from them, do try to give them a call or visit them because their feelings should have changed.
  • You will then know that you have done all you can to be on good terms with them.

It is often difficult to get back onto a normal footing with people after an argument, so do be prepared to apologize for any part that you have had in the difficulty. Remember that you are only dealing with that particular argument, not deeper issues within the friendship.

Break up spell to clear the air between lovers in presence of a separation

When communication between you and your partner seems difficult, you can forge a new link using this break up spell, which is representational. You will need to have confidence in your own power though.


  • A crystal ball or magnifying glass
  • Your partner’s photograph


  • Place the crystal or magnifying glass over the image of your partner’s face.
  • Because the features are magnified, the eyes and mouth will appear to move and come to life
  • Simply state your wishes or difficulties and what you feel your lover can do about them.
  • He/she will get the message.

This way of working is very simple, but you do have to trust that you yourself are an able transmitter. Often, we do not realize how difficult communication can be and here we are trying to make your partner understand how you feel, not to change them.


All break up love spells and rituals that are cast in situations like a break up are focused to eliminate and smoothen the collision. Every breakup and argument are different and calls for different kinds of breakup spells to focus exactly on what is amplifying the arguments and loss of love for one another.

Most breakups I have dealt with are mot because the couple doesn’t love each other anymore. But because one is unfair or has diverted from the initial promises you made in the beginning.


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