Fidelity spell – Stop a cheating lover and protect your relationship

Fidelity spell - Stop a cheating lover and protect your relationship

Fidelity spell – Stop a cheating lover and protect your relationship. Cheating in a relationship is something no true lover should ever g through despite the circumstances. You truly love your partner but still he or she is straying and sharing your bed with another. Whether its his fault or he was seduced, a powerful fidelity spell with bring him back in line and only have eyes for you.

We all desire having an exclusive relationship with the person we hold so dearly to hold and protect our love. For the many and different reasons, it’s a must to keep a faithful partner. You have children together and you don’t want to show a bad image to your children. You really love your partner and he loves you, but you there is another person trying to take him away among others. You never want your partner to start having babies out of your relationship. And also bring about STDs from the extra relationships he/she has.

If it was that easy to give up love for someone and get another you would have opted for this. A person that you love and care for is unique. There can come many that may be able to make you laugh and all but never reach your heart. So, protect your love and avoid your relationship ending in tears with a fidelity spell. Whether he/she has started cheating or not, you may need to prevent than cure.

Stopping and preventing Infidelity with a powerful fidelity spell

Use this rite to stop your lover being unfaithful. The first step is to make a doll that represents the person in question. You can use fabric, wood, clay or whichever material you choose. When you have done this, write the person’s name on a clean piece of parchment paper and attach it to the back of the doll. Rub the entire doll with musk oil and place it on a square of red satin. Sprinkle the doll with rice powder and recite the following words;

With Powerful Lover Powders All Over Thee Hurry,

Hurry Come Back To Me!

Repeat this spell for three days. On the third day your lover should completely end his cheating ways.

Powerful Fidelity Spell stop a cheating lover

Are you just beginning a relationship and want to make sure your partner doesn’t stray? Or, do you suspect he or she is interested in someone else? Either way, this spell can deepen the feelings and commitment between you.


  • An obelisk-shaped piece of rose quartz
  • An obelisk-shaped piece of carnelian
  • 1 piece of dark blue ribbon
  • 1 piece of white silk
  • A metal box with a lid, large enough to contain the two gemstones

Timing and Directions:

  • When the moon is in Capricorn or on a Saturday

The gemstones have two symbolic meanings in this spell. Not only do they represent you and your partner, but rose quartz is a stone of love and affection, and carnelian represents passion. The ribbon’s color — dark blue — indicates strength, sincerity, and permanence; the white cloth offers protection.

Wash the gemstones with warm, soapy water, and then stand them side by side on your altar so that they are touching. Imagine one embodying your energy, the other your beloved’s energy (it doesn’t matter which gem you choose to represent which person). Tie the stones together with the ribbon, making two knots, while you envision you and your partner being connected by a strong bond of love and devotion. Cover the gems with the white cloth and leave them until evening.

Once the moon has risen, wrap up the gemstones in the white silk cloth, and then set the package in the box. Take the box outside and bury it in the ground, preferably beneath an oak or apple tree.

Fidelity spell To heal a marriage or relationship

Light two purple altar candles on Wednesday and tie a red ribbon around something you both shared that once brought you together in love and laughter. Place this item in the middle of your altar, and burn two drops of patchouli essential oil in an oil burner.

Next, light an astral candle for each of you, then light a red and an orange candle and place them on each side of your partner’s astral candle while visualizing strength and love. See your marriage as it is and what you would like it to be.

See yourselves talking and coming to an understanding about what has gone wrong and how you can heal it. Then say,

“I don’t know if I deserve the loneliness I feel. I am willing to work to heal whatever is missing. Our love still burns like the flames of these candles. Oh, Divine, make my love’s heart glow with happiness once again. Make me understand his/her sadness. By Lady Venus, I wish it be”

Relax and think of what you have just done. Snuff the candles. Do this ritual for three consecutive days, and always remember that communication is the key to a healthy marriage.

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The fidelity spell will keep your partner faithful. They will stop cheating. You can use this as a preventive ritual to remove all possible temptations as a precautionary measure or if your partner has already cheated. Also increase the commitment to the original relationship.

I usually recommend this to married woman worried about their husband’s potential or existent hookups, affairs and flings but this works for any kind of relationships and genders. You just need to be in an official relationship with your target.

Once the fidelity spell is completely manifested, it will be almost impossible for your target to achieve any type of physical activity with another person behind your back.

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