Candle Burning Spell for Money Attraction – Prosperity Ritual

Candle Burning Spell for Money

Money holds an interesting dual nature in our lives – it is both revered and reviled. We seek financial security through money to meet basic needs and fund our dreams. Yet money also causes no shortage of stress, conflict and dissatisfaction if finances feel scarce. The Candle burning spell For money Attraction taps into the spiritual nature of prosperity to attract abundance through intentional ritual.

The Candle burning spell For money Attraction calls for basil, a herb associated with wealth and prosperity, paired with poppy seeds to symbolize money’s physical manifestation. Blue candles connect to money energies and the astral candle represents the caster’s inner light. By mindfully focusing attention on financial abundance as the candles burn, the spell weaves intention into reality through spiritual petition.

While a windfall of cash may not immediately appear after performing the ritual, the focused practice aligns the mind and spirit to states of prosperity. This opening sets fertile ground to receive money through new ideas, opportunities and elevated vision.

Candle burning spell For money Attraction

Lighting two blue altar candles on Thursday after dusk is the first step in attracting prosperity into your life. Place two bunches of fresh basil by the side of each candle and sprinkle poppy seeds around each bunch. As you do this, visualize money entering your life through the front door in any form you desire.

The next step involves lighting your astral color candle in the center of your altar table while continuing to visualize wealth. On each side of the astral candle, light two green candles and say, “Hear me, oh Divine, I’m calling thee. With these candles, I send you my money needs. Find it here or there, I really don’t care, but bring it to me so I may feed my financial needs.”

Perform this ritual for fifteen minutes, then snuff the candles. Repeat this process for five consecutive days. Each day, move the green candles a bit closer to your astral candle. By the end of the five days, ensure that the three candles are as close as possible. This gradual approach enhances the effectiveness of the ritual in addressing your financial needs.

Remember, this ritual is a powerful tool for attracting money into your life. Stay focused on your intention, and trust that positive changes are on the way.


Candle burning spells For money Attraction shouldn’t be viewed as magical debit cards dispensing on-demand money. Rather, they open channels of energy and intention where abundance can take root and grow.

The Candle burning spell For money Attraction ritual plants metaphorical prosperity seeds through mindful focus, watered through positive expectation and care.

By carving out thoughtful space to nurture financial wellbeing, we till the soil where prosperity may bloom in due time. The spell serves to light inward creativity and possibility where money is concerned. While the manifestation process relies on earthly ideas and action, the ignition begins within. This candle money spell thoughtfully sparks and directs that inner spark towards abundance so that fortune may find those seeking it through open eyes.

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