How To Know Someone Put A Spell On You

How To Know Someone Put A Spell On You

How To Know Someone Put A Spell On You. We get thousands of visitors on this website, all looking for knowledge about spells and magic. Other looking to put a spell on someone either for dominance, love, attraction, stop them from cheating, manipulation and more.

They contact priest Nduga openly and put their issue forward om how they want his help. To put roots or a spell on someone ASAP. You may be among the hundreds of people Nduga has put a spell on or someone else’s doing.

Did someone put a spell on you !

First a foremost you have to find out the truth behind the fact you are influenced by magic in some way for the benefit of someone. Is it the good kind of magic or black magic and what exactly do they seek to achieve? Revenge, love, control, manipulation and more which is which.  

The easiest way to get one under a spell is getting their full names, and photo. Submit your issue to priest Nduga and wait for his answer either he will help you or not.

If you find out your partner has a love spell on you, who do you blame. I think take a look into yourself because your misgivings are the reasons your partners act out. And turn to magic spells and sorcery. You are not invested in the relationship enough, cheating and more.

Here are some dead giveaways you may be under a spell

  • Someone has unconditional control over you. We know someone has a spell on us if their words are influencing our actions, as simple as that. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though it certainly could be.
  • Do you always feel like no matter how hard you try something’s going to come along and screw it up? And then it does?
  • Do people you don’t even know hate you right away?
  • Always get misjudged?
  • Total strangers give you dirty looks or whisper nasty words when looking at you?
  • If it’s a love spell, you’ll think about the person even if you never found him/her attractive. Suddenly you’ll be crazy about this person.
  • If it’s a spell to destroy you, you might have dreams with the person who casted the spell, dreams of you begging or humiliating yourself to though person, things in your life might go terribly wrong, divorce, bankruptcy, depression, suicide thoughts etc.


Its hard to get the pieces together and draw conclusion that Someone Put A Spell On You. The first step I recommend is the egg cleansing, try it out its free don’t worry about losing a penny. And if you feel the urge to investigate more then a palm and photo reading will reveal more about you.

Maybe Afterall all your misgivings and hurt and not fate but the actions of someone else. Contact me we discuss more about your issue, no situation is unique or lacks a solution in the spiritual realm.

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