When you feel like making love, there is nothing better to attract your lover than a powerful lost love spell. Witchcraft spells for love, offer an olfactory sensation that is sure to help spice things up. There are many different ways to bring romance into your life. into your ritual.

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Love spells should be cast with intention to easy and speed up what already exists. At least you have to have some kind of relationship with each other. You are not forcing things but making it simpler for that person to love you the way you love them.

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Spell to Find a lost Lover

On the day of the new moon, cut out a red heart from paper. If you have a rose, use a fallen petal that is heart shaped. Take a clean sheet of white paper and with a pen no one else has used, write the following:  

As this red heart glows in the candlelight, I draw you, lover, closer to me this night.  

Then bath and change into nightclothes. When you’re ready, light a red candle and read the spell out loud. Hold the heart in front of the flame and let the candlelight shine upon it. Then place the heart and spell in a new envelope, and seal it with wax from the candle. Conceal the envelope and leave it undisturbed for one cycle of the moon. By the time of the next new moon, there should be love in your life.

African Love Herbs  

How to put roots on someone to make them love you

Many Ugandan women have enjoyed the fruits of long-lasting love by reciting this charm while mixing rye and pimento into almost every dish.

While stirring in these amorous herbs, recite:  

“Rye of earth, pimento of fire, eaten surely fuels desire. Serve to he whose love I crave and his heart I will enslave”

Attraction Love Spell  

Attraction Love Spell

This is when you have a lover but he or she is not as attentive as you would wish. You know they love you but…  Sit before a dying fire and gaze into it, clearing your mind of all but thoughts of your lover. Have a small basket of laurel leaves between your knees. Keeping your gaze fixed on the fire, dip your left hand into the basket, take out a handful of leaves, and toss them onto the fire. As they burst into flames, chant out loud the following:

“Laurel leaves that burn in the fire, Draw unto me my heart’s desire.”   

Wait until the flames have died down and then repeat the action. Do it a third time. Within 24 hours your lover will come to visit you.

To Find Out if you will Marry your Lover  

Marriage love spells that work

To find if the one you love will become your spouse, do the following:  In the morning, as soon as you arise, peel a small lemon. Keep two equal pieces of the peel, each about the size of a half-dollar. Place the pieces with the insides together and the peel sides out, and put them in your right-hand pocket or in your purse. Leave them there all day. 

At night, when you undress for bed, take the peel from your pocket or purse and rub the legs of the bed with it. Then place both pieces of the peel under your pillow and lay down to sleep. If you dream of your love, then you will surely marry him/her.

Courage to Love Spell  

This is an interesting spell. It does not interfere with anther’s free will. All it does is give them the courage to state what is on their mind. It is done when you feel very strongly that the person is in love with you but that they hesitate to say so. If it turns out that they are not in love with you after all, then it simply won’t work, so that’s why it doesn’t exert undue pressure. 

This should be done at the same hour on seven consecutive Fridays, ending on the one closest to the Full Moon (before the moon reaches full, not just after).  Take a pink candle and mark six rings around it, at equal distances apart. This will give you seven sections of a candle. Light the candle and call out the name of the one you think loves you.

Then say:  

Gana, be with me in all that I do.  Gana, please bring me a love who is true.  Give him (her) the strength to put into words His (her) feelings, and sing like the song of the birds.   

Think about the person for a few moments – think of them coming to you and declaring their love then repeat the chant. Keep doing this until the candle has burned dawn to the first line. Then extinguish the candle (by pinching it out, never by blowing) and put it away till next week. On the final week, keep it up until the candle burns itself out.

Draw a lover to you Spell

Lost lover spells that work in USA UK Singapore Sweden Norway Netherlands Poland

This spell is to draw someone to you. No names, though you can certainly specify the type of person, e.g., “a dark, six-footer, with a sense of humor and an interest in hang-gliding,” or whatever.  The two favorite semiprecious “stones” of the Gypsies are jet and amber. Of course neither one is truly a stone. Jet is an organic product: bituminous coal that can be polished.

Amber is the fossilized, hardened resin of the pine tree Pinus succinifera, formed during the Bocene period (about 50 million years ago). For this spell you need a piece of amber, and it should (for best results) be a piece with an insect inclusion. If not available, then any piece if amber can be used. 

This should be done on a Friday, first thing in the morning when you rise and before you do anything else. Take a piece of amber and hold it in your (closed) left hand. Hold the hand over your heart, close your eyes, and concentrate your thoughts on the type of person you want to attract to you. See him or her in as much detail as you can: height, weight, eye and hair coloring.

Think of the interests, sports, activities, you would like them to have. Then see the two of you together, walking hand in hand.  Now kiss the amber and place it in a piece of pink or red silk and wrap it up securely. Carry that with you at all times for the next seven days, sleeping with it under your pillow. Every morning repeat the holding and visualizing, though hold it still wrapped in the silk don’t unwrap it. By the seventh day you will have met something just like the person you have been wishing for.