Interpreting Ritual Candles: A Guide to Hidden Meanings and Divine Signs

Interpreting Ritual Candles

Unlock the secret signs and spiritual symbolism of how ritual candles burn. This in-depth guide from Priest Nduga reveals how to read candle flames, smoke, drips, and more during sacred ceremonies.

Brothers and sisters, I come before you today to share my learnings on interpreting the sacred signs from ritual candles. The way our candles burn during ceremonies reveals much about the unseen realms.

Here are some key insights to understand the hidden meanings in your candle’s flames, smoke, and wax:

Key Insights on Reading Ritual Candles

  • Bright, steady flame signals the divine is listening closely.
  • Weak, sputtering flame means intentions lack conviction.
  • Loud pops are spirits responding – listen closely!
  • White smoke means your prayers will manifest.
  • Black smoke means evil influences block you.
  • Dancing flame indicates chaotic energy present.
  • Flickering directions show energetic influences.
  • Wax drips on certain sides reveal unfinished business.
  • Soot colors and locations point to help or challenges.

As your priest, I have studied the ancient arts of lychnomancy and pyromancy extensively. Here are some of the signs to look for and what they may indicate during our rituals:

Interpreting the Flame

  • Bright and tall – Lots of energy, quick/powerful results
  • Unsteady or sputtering – Resistance present
  • Flickering in specific directions – Influences from that direction
  • Dancing rhythmically – Chaotic energy present
  • Multiple flames – Unity or opposition at work

Interpreting the Smoke

  • Billowing white – Prayers answered
  • Black puffs – Blocked by evil forces
  • Smoke drifts toward you – Drawing in energy
  • Smoke drifts away – Energy is slipping away

Interpreting the Wax and Soot

  • Clean burn – All is well, ritual complete
  • Wax drips – Unfinished business on that area
  • Black bits in wax – Consequences ahead
  • Soot color and location – Help or obstacles

My friends, with practice you will unlock the hidden language of candles and their divine wisdom. I hope these insights aid you on this journey. May the eternal light ever guide our rituals.

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