5 Ways To Use Florida Water Money Spells

Florida water money spells

Florida water money spells a common and utile holistic method to increase your financial blessings. However not bore you on the origins of Florida water and what it is. You are here because you are facing financial blockages or want to boost your money side of life.

Maybe A Florida water money spell is what you need to look at as an immediate way to overcome the financial constraints and live large.

But wait there is more to why you are in this situation. Have you explored the hidden reasons to why money is an issue in your day to day life and are seeking spiritual help?

 A curse, Hex, Enemy, lack of job, Poor career and many reasons can be your source of un ending struggles. Then this is no the resource that will directly solve your problem.

For you looking into how to move from point A-B that is increasing the figures on your check! Yes you are in the right place. We offer many spells and rituals that target financial difficulties and this is one of them.

Florida Water Is Not Your Normal Tap Water!

For many, Florida Water is a familiar fragrance, a staple in Latinx households. Its refreshing citrusy scent cleanses the air and invigorates the senses. But beyond its delightful aroma lies a hidden depth, a connection to the spiritual realm. In the traditions of Voodoo, Florida Water is revered for its purifying and energizing properties, making it a powerful tool for attracting positive energy, including prosperity.

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How To Use  Florida Water For Money Spells

There are countless ways to utilize Florida Water for attracting money. Here are a few simple yet effective methods:

Florida Water Prosperity Bath

Supplies needed:

Florida Water

Green or gold candle



Fill your bathtub with warm water. As it fills, visualize the tub overflowing with abundance.

Add 5-10 drops of Florida Water to the bathwater while stating your intention to attract prosperity.

Light the candle and place it nearby where it will remain safe.

Sink into the bath and visualize yourself surrounded by wealth and opportunity.

Relax and soak for as long as you’d like. Focus on the feeling of abundance.

Before getting out of the bath, express gratitude for prosperity that is now flowing your way.

Florida Water Money Bowl

Supplies needed:

Shallow bowl

Florida Water

Several coins

Green cloth

Green candle dressed with oil


Place everything in the bowl so that coins are fully submerged.

Position the candle in the center, surrounded by coins.

Light the candle while visualizing wealth flooding into your life.

Chant money affirmations as the candle burns, such as “Money flows easily to me” and “I am open and ready to receive prosperity.”

Allow candle to completely burn down over several hours/days if possible.

Pour the Florida Water into your wallet or plants to spread the energy.

Carry coins in pocket or purse to attract more money.

Money Drawing Floor Wash

Supplies needed:


Florida Water


Sea Salt, Ginger Powder, Cinnamon Sticks

Green cloth


In the bucket, mix the Florida Water with water, sea salt, ginger powder and crushed cinnamon sticks.

As you mix, focus your intention on drawing prosperity into your home.

Chant money affirmations over the bucket.

Dip the cloth into the solution. Ring it out.

Wash your entryways and doorways inside and outside with the cloth to invite fortune in.

Dispose of remaining solution into your garden.

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Money Magnet Oil


Base oil (sweet almond, grapeseed)

Florida Water

Other money oils like vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood

Green candle (dress with oil)


Mix several drops each of Florida Water and money attracting essential oils into the base oil.

Anoint wallet, cash, coins, checks, etc by applying small amounts of Money Magnet Oil.

Visualizeabundance flooding in as you dress these items.

Light dressed candle while reciting suitable Psalm verses. Allow it to burn completely.

Carry anointed item or reapply oil daily.

Offerings to Ancestors

Supplies needed:

Florida Water

Glass of water

Green candle



Food items


Designate a space to leave offerings in reverence forabundance bestowing ancestors.

Arrange offerings attractively – Florida Water, glass of water, green candle dressed with oil, coins, incense, food items.

Light candle and incense while sharing your financial concerns and making requests.

Spend thoughtful time expressing gratitude and devotion as offerings are presented.

Refrain from moving/discarding items for 1-3 days.

Pour out water, gather coins, dispose of edible offerings responsibly once the ritual period concludes.

Repeat regularly.

Beyond the Spell:

Financial abundance is a journey, not a destination. While spells can provide a powerful boost, it’s important to remember that true prosperity requires dedicated effort and sound financial planning. Pair your magical practices with responsible financial management to ensure your journey towards abundance is lasting and fulfilling.

I encourage you to explore the various ways you can incorporate Florida Water into your own money-attracting rituals. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Experiment, find what resonates with you, and most importantly, have faith in your own power to manifest abundance.

May your path be blessed with prosperity, and may your life be a testament to the transformative power of magic.

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