Health Spell to Manifest & Attract Good Health in Your Life

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Health Spell to Manifest & Attract Good Health in Your Life. Good health and living worry free of any illness or accidents is a wish everyone prays for. Some go an extra mile to get life insurance because without livelihood. None of us can enjoy life, to have a good time with your relatives and loved ones being healthy is a key factor.

Cancer patients also want to have a good life, so good Samaritans came out to grant them at least one thing they have always wanted to experience in this surprisingly short life they have had.

Because we face many barriers on our life journeys, some seen, unseen and others we bring to ourselves. Like smoking, excessive alcohol among others.

With a witchcraft healing spell get to protect yourself mentally, emotionally, protect your pet, family and friends. You can manifest good health and protect yourself through using witchcraft healing spell, candle magic for health

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Wiccan Healing Spell for a guaranteed long and healthy life

This spell is worked at the time of the New Moon and is incredibly simple to do. Bay leaves possess a great deal of magical power and are used for granting wishes. This spell can be used to fulfil a range of desires, and here is used to bring about health and happiness.


  • 3 bay leaves
  • Piece of paper
  • Pencil or pen


  • During a New Moon, write your wish on a piece of paper and visualize it coming true.
  • Fold the paper into thirds, placing the three bay leaves inside.
  • Fold the paper towards you.
  • Again visualize your wish coming true.
  • Fold the paper into thirds a second time, thus forming an envelope.
  • Keep it hidden in a dark place
  • Reinforce your wish by repeatedly visualizing it coming true.
  • When the wish comes true, burn the paper as a mark of thanks.

This little envelope of power can also be included in a charm or talisman bag to add more power to it. In that case try to be as specific as you can in your wish. You can, using it this way, impose a time limit on the spell coming to fruition, though it is often better not to do so.

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