Honey jar love spell – easily focus your lover’s interest

honey spell jar honey jar love spell honey love spell

Love is sweet and can be sweeter with a honey jar love spell. Focus your lovers’ interests and also make your love stronger and deeper. The honey is used to attract and manifest sweet and stable love and affection with your partner. Or maybe you want to create harmony in your coworkers and friends.

Take advantage of the honey jar love spell and diffuse family squabbles and fights and gain dominance in the family. Use this honey jar marriage spells to heighten commitment and fidelity energies and wishes to focus your partner in the relationship or marriage.

And if you yearn for the return of lost love from an ex-lover, and get back together or you wish him/her to soften and do right to the children you have together. So do not misguide yourself, a honey jar love spell can be used to sweeten all kinds of relationships love, work, and family. Do not deprive yourself of a really powerful and reliable voodoo love spell that works.

Love spell jar to focus your lover’s interest

If you find that your partner’s attention seems to be wandering, try this spell. It is best performed on a Friday, the day sacred to Venus the Goddess of Love.


  • A clean piece of paper
  • A pen you like (you can use your magical implements if you like)


  • Taking your pen, write your first name and your lover’s surname on the paper.
  • Draw either a square or circle around them. Use the square if you decide all you want with this person is a physical relationship, and the circle if you are utterly convinced this person is right for you.
  • With your eyes closed say:

If it be right, come back to me.

  • Cut the square or circle out and place it inside your pillowcase for at least three nights.
  • Your lover should show renewed interest.

This is one spell that occasionally does not work. It is said that Venus will not assist if there is any intrinsic reason for the relationship not to work out – for instance, if your partner no longer loves you, you may be unsuccessful in your aim. This you must accept, knowing you have done the best you can.


The honey jar love spell will help soften and sweeten any relationship, arrangement or business transaction. Perfect for all of your magical musings to sway them in your desired direction!

This honey jar spell has been proven to work on bosses, mother in laws, boyfriends, and financial situations. If you think this spell is right for you, please message me so we can discuss your desired outcome!

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