Manifest a Marriage Proposal – Candle Spell Ritual

Marriage Proposal candle spell

Few moments in romance rival the magic of a marriage proposal from your beloved. If you and your partner have openly discussed marriage, this candle spell helps set the stage for them to pop the question! By tapping into intention and symbolism, you send energies out into the universe inviting that beautiful commitment to solidify.

Visualization is key, so vividly picture the moving proposal scene – where it happens, what words your lover says, how they ask you to be theirs forever. Infuse the ritual with that vision as well as the deepest desires of your heart. This spell also requires complete trust in your relationship, as marriage must have mutual understanding, care and joy as its foundation. Perform the ritual to amplify your readiness, align your energies, and make space for the proposal you know will come when the time is right!

Love Proposal Spell: To be asked by your lover for your hand in marriage


  • 2 red candles
  • 3 drops rose essential oil
  • Rose petals from 2 red roses
  • Lover’s astral candle (candle representing them)
  • 3 red candles
  • 3 pink candles


  1. Set the Mood: On a Tuesday night, light the 2 red candles. Drop the rose oil in your burner. Scatter rose petals on your altar.
  2. Visualize Proposal: Imagine your ideal proposal. How would it happen? Where would it be?
  3. Light Lover’s Candle: Place their astral candle in the center of the altar. Arrange the red and pink candles in a circle around it.
  4. Cast the Spell: Say aloud: “As these candles burn, so alight my desire to wed. [Your name] and [lover’s name] have spoken of marriage. With this spell, I hope to nudge fate. May our love conquer all, if it is meant to be.”
  5. Dream of Your Wedding: Relax and picture your dreamy wedding day.
  6. Repeat for 3 Nights: Snuff the candles. Repeat the entire process for 3 consecutive nights.

Note: This spell is intended for those who have discussed marriage with their partner and believe it’s the right step. Remember, communication and mutual love are key ingredients for a happy marriage, no matter the spells involved.


Manifesting a marriage proposal requires balancing magic with reality. This ritual holds power, but remember that no spell can force someone’s hand without their consent. Focus instead on cultivating a healthy, supportive bond built on trust and communication.

Tend to the love between you through patience, empathy and care. If it is meant to be, the natural magic of your connection will guide you to marriage without rush or unrealistic expectations. Keep sight of the present while holding space for the future.

If you feel aligned internally and with each other, you set the stage for a beautiful proposal where you both feel equally ready to unite your paths forever.

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