Love Spell to Attract a Wealthy Male Partner

Love Spell to Attract a Wealthy Male Partner

Are you a lady who values, cares, and loves herself & in pursuit for a wealthy male partner that can keep up with your standards and take care of you emotionally and financially? Then this love spell specially made to attract alpha men that are financial able to kick your socks off on the go.

Although you may hear people say this and that about how money is not the main source of happiness in relationships. Who says more of it makes the relationship worse, I say it even better because he is able to give you surprises, take you on picnic, get away vacations and more.

Wealth and relationships are the best combination there is, we strive so hard to make a living not only to feed our stomachs but mainly to take care of those we love and care about. To put a smile and act useful around them, and add value to the relationship.

So, you who seeks to use a love spell to attract a wealthy male partner I am here to help. I use powerful African rituals designed by my great ancestors to help our sisters find partners who will not only love them but also be capable of taking care of them and occasionally spoil them with expensive gifts and jewelry.

NOTE: you are the most rare and priceless jewelry your partner can ever own, and if he is not willing to polish and take care of you. You’re in the wrong relationship or he isn’t ready, lazy, or taking you for granted.

Simple Love Spell to Attract a Wealthy Male Partner

This spell uses symbolism, herbalism, candles and color to achieve a purpose. The dragon is a symbol of wealth, wisdom, power and nobility, while ginseng is said to enhance virility. The supposition is that by putting all of them together you create the right vibration for attraction. If performing this the first time, then do it at the time of the New Moon.


  • Red candle
  • A representation of a dragon (a picture, statue etc.)
  • A piece of ginseng root about 3cms long or powdered ginseng


  • Light your candle.
  • Pick up the ginseng root or powder and say:

By the power of this Man root

I pray for one to come to me

Strong and brave, wise and astute

Funny and loving to look after me.

  • Then pick up the dragon symbol and say:

Power of the dragon, strong and true

Hear me now as I call to you

Bring me a man that I can love

And one that I can be proud of.

  • Place the two objects in front of the candle and allow it to burn out.
  • When it is done place the representation of the dragon on a high shelf to represent status.
  • Either keep the ginseng root beside your bed or use the powder as an incense additive until it is used up.
  • By that time your new man should have arrived.

You can use your own form of words to bring the kind of man you want. Be careful though as you may

get more than you bargained for. To attract a woman would require more feminine symbols such as a fish or a ladybird, and angelica root instead of ginseng.


If you are not familiar with symbolism or witchcraft spell work as a whole don’t attempt to perform spells on your own. This love spell to attract a wealthy male partner is easy but complex and when done the wrong way it may produce negative results.

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