How to protect your boyfriend from love spells

How to protect your boyfriend from love spells

How to protect your boyfriend from love spells and why its a necessary thing to do. Love spells and witchcraft is more of a religion than a taboo as it was decades ago. People form cults, covens and more which are known to the public to help those who seek spell work and magic. Unlike in Africa where practicing witchcraft is seen as a heritage, in the west and east, casting love spells on another is alien.

And due to the publicizing of casting spell through websites, blogs, YouTube channels, tiktok, Instagram and the like. People have almost all the resources they could need to put a love spell on your loved one to snatch him/her away from you.

Some other person may implore you to put your lover under the love spell before any other does. But that is not the right thing to do at the time. Love magic is cast upon someone to establish a deep emotional connection with your significant other.

Yes, it might work out but, when he already shows you the love and care regardless of being put under a love spell what should you do? There is no need for love magic, instead protect your boyfriend from love spells through protection rituals and spells.

How To Protect Your Boyfriend Using African Spells

You only need intention accompanied with determination. If you combine the two with the spell manual, I am giving you in this article nothing should ever disrupt your boyfriends love for you.

The love care and happiness you share with your partner might not seem a lot but in the eyes of the wrong person it means a lot. And it’s a reason they would want to destroy the happiness you have and fix themselves in the picture.

With protection magic ensure a protection shield around your lover against all ill intended magic spells and rituals coming his/her way. Don’t think every smiling with you is happy for you or wishing good for you. In Africa we have a saying that the only person who can wish only good for you is a parent, but some can also surprise you.

How to protect your boyfriend from love spells

Spell to protect your boyfriend from love spells

When you find love and happiness starts to show in your life, you have friends, pretenders and enemies that are dead on not happy for you. The enemies are easy to weed out, but those close to you hiding their true colors are the dangerous ones. You can never know when they strike, and the disadvantage is that they are close to you and know where it hurts most.

I am not saying you should get rid of all you friends but be careful about the company you keep!


  • Your lovers photo


  • Now every once a week, repeat these words or similar to yourself three times: Forces of light, image of power Protect [name of lover] till the end of times.
  • Now place 5 white candles around the photo of your lover and surround him with light and know that he is as safe as you can make him.

You may need to reinforce the shield at least once a week to make sure that all works in your favor. I do recommend exploring other protection spells. And if you spot anything out of the ordinary, a salt spiritual cleansing will go a long way in clearing the fuss.

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