Putting Roots on Someone | How and When with Priest nduga

How to put roots on someone to make them love you

Putting roots on someone involves using spells and herbs to create a magical effect on a specific person. This practice is often carried out by traditional doctors to fulfill the various wants and wishes of their clients, regardless of their relationship status, financial standing, or social background.

While some cases of root work may be intended to cause harm or bad luck, it’s essential to note that root work can also be utilized for positive and beneficial purposes.

Although a regular person may attempt to work spells or magic, it is strongly advised to consult a root doctor, traditional healer, or spell caster due to their experience and expertise.

Treating a victim of root work is a complex process, as putting roots on someone may involve connecting with the abyss, ancient spirits, and possessing supernatural powers. This aspect should not be overlooked.

Key Takeaways:

Putting roots on someone involves traditional spell casting.

Root work can manifest different outcomes, including love, protection, revenge, and prosperity.

Learning various ways to put roots on someone effectively is important.

Putting Roots on Someone

Putting roots on someone is the African traditional way of spell casting, performed as a ritual by African witch doctors like myself, Priest Nduga, on a daily basis.

Whether you desire to reunite with an ex, seek protection against witchcraft and spells, make your partner faithful, or attract love and marriage, root work can be a powerful tool when done correctly. It allows you to manifest your desires without manipulating free will.

Using Root Magic

In my many years as a practicing witch doctor and root worker, I’ve used root magic for various situations tailored to individuals’ specific needs and desired outcomes. While circumstances, life problems, or envy may drive some to put roots on others, love and relationships often stand out as the root of conflicts and misunderstandings.

If you consider using this kind of magic, I advise consulting someone with knowledge, such as a relative who practices witchcraft or a psychic in your family who can connect you with your ancestors for a magic that resonates with your lineage.

Make Your Partner Faithful

If your partner is not giving you the attention, love, and care they promised, root work can help create an unbreakable bond, make them commit, stay faithful, and prioritize you.

Use root work to manifest the perfect relationship or marriage. You deserve better than living in regret and hurt. Write your own love story with a ritual through root work.

Attract Love and Connection

In a world filled with lies and deceit, attracting genuine love and connection has become challenging. Root work spells can help you attract a soul mate and establish a lasting, happy relationship.

Protect Against Witchcraft

African traditional practices not only manifest desires but also protect against bad magic. Curses and bad luck may originate from unintended actions or hidden enemies working towards your demise.

Revenge on Someone

While I do not endorse revenge magic, if someone has wronged you and it’s affecting you, a spell on them can provide relief. A return to sender spell can mirror exactly what they’ve done to you, allowing them to experience the consequences of their actions.

A DIY Root Ritual You Can Try

Based on your intentions, putting roots on someone should not be complicated. Gather magical herbs and other ingredients, and follow the steps according to the kind of spell you want to perform.

Obtain a Personal Item:

Collect a small item like hair, fingernail clippings, or a worn, unwashed article of clothing from the person you want to connect with.


Find a quiet space for your spellwork.

Light a candle for a sacred atmosphere.

Hold the personal item and focus on creating a positive connection.

Optionally, use specific herbs based on your intention.

Perform the spell during the appropriate moon phase.

Recite a simple chant or affirmation.

Visualize positive energy flowing from the personal item.

Dispose of materials ethically, such as burying the item at a crossroads.

Can Someone Put Roots on You?

If someone has access to your personal items, putting roots on you is possible. Successful rituals may go unnoticed if they are not destructive.

Stay Vigilant: Signs Your are under influence

Here are signs that someone might have put roots on you:

Sudden Relationship Problems:

Unexpected issues without a clear reason.

Financial Struggles:

Money problems out of nowhere.

Health Troubles:

Sudden declines in well-being.

Changes in Appearance:

Unexplained changes in your physical appearance.

Other Strange Issues:

Unexpected disruptions or negative changes without a clear cause.

Be cautious of these signs, and if you’re uncertain or worried, consult a spiritual expert like Priest Nduga for guidance.

The Risks and Benefits of Root Work

Putting roots on someone can be a powerful tool for manifesting desired outcomes or protecting oneself. However, it comes with potential risks and benefits:


Manifest desired outcomes.

Feel a sense of control and empowerment.

Protection from harm or negative energies.


Backfire and unintended harm.

Creating a karmic debt.

Violating free will and ethical concerns.


Putting roots on someone is an ancient African magic that, when done effectively, proves to be useful and impactful in many ways. For help or questions regarding this topic or witchcraft, feel free to reach out to Priest Nduga.

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