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How to put roots on someone to make them love you

Putting roots on someone revolves around working spells and herbs to achieve a magical effect on a specific person. Mostly done by traditional doctors for their clients with various wants and wishes. Everyone in their category the single, married, wealthy and poor.

Some cases involve causing harm or bad luck but never the less it’s still used for other things. A normal person may try to work the spells/magic but I strongly advise consulting a root doctor, traditional healer, or sorcerer.

Root doctors are the traditional healers and conjurers that reside mainly in Africa. The root doctor traditionally treats natural ailments with various remedies made from such plants as mint, jimsonweed weed, sassafras, and milkweed. Some remedies have genuine medicinal properties, while others are at least soothing, and the psychosomatic effect of any remedy cannot be underestimated.

Though treating a victim of a spell is more complicated. Just as putting roots on someone can require connection to the abyss, ancient spirits, and possessing supernatural powers. This is something you should not overlook.

how to put roots on a man to keep him

Based upon your intentions it should not be complicated. Magical herbs, roots, plus other ingredients and following steps according to the kind of spell you are accompanying with this ritual.

Obtain a personal item from the person, like a picture, shirt, panty, hair. Fingernail clippings or a worn unwashed article of clothing are often used to put roots on someone. Depending on the intention, specific items, such as an unwashed sock worn by the person, may be required to complete the witchcraft spells.

Can someone put roots on you?

If they have access to the items above, it’s more than possible. And if the ritual was successful enough with no destructive intentions you may never notice it. As a traditional healer, I always caution my clients to cast spells or perform rituals with a positive and clear intention.

The intent is the salt crystal that spoils the bucket of milk when it comes to casting spells or putting roots on someone. Making the whole process and outcomes negative and nonconstructive.

Why you may put roots on someone

Of course, everyone has their agenda and why they may put a root on someone. Circumstances, life problems or envy, whatever the case may be.

Putting roots on a person Guide

A man pining for a woman might can the doctor to work a spell on the object of his affection. This builds up attraction, openness, and affection towards him. Creating a relationship and the rest is up to the man to decide. A woman as well can have it done on the stud she never takes her eyes off.

To make your partner faithful

Prevent your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend from involving in extra relationships. Bind them to love you and only you. Make them more loving and understanding people.

Stop your lover from seeing other people

With root magic on your partner, they will never defect from you and go on seeing other people. As they try it, their consciousness will tell them otherwise and feel disgusted by the act. Come back to you and feel at home, happy and settled.

Used as protection magic

It serves an understandable emotional need to have some sense of power and control over enemies in a frightening world. You can never know your real enemy; the people that threaten you may never do actual harm on you. But those that walk in your shadow are the worst. Avoid accidents, hexes, physical assault and more.


If you want to put roots on someone, or you are under the influence of another person’s doings. This is an ancient African magic that has never failed. Effective and useful in many ways. For help or any question regarding this topic or witchcraft as a whole, consultation is free.

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  1. Denerica Kendrick says:

    I am trying to get my husband back I put him out because he was not helping out financially now he is seeing a woman that I’ve learned that he has been messing with for the last couple of years throughout our marriage I would like for this lady to leave him alone and I would like for him to leave her alone I want my husband back and I don’t want it to continue to go on with him at her can you help I do not have closing of him that are dirty he did leave one shirt and one pair of shorts however I do have a picture of him and I and I do have a picture of the lady

  2. Denerica Kendrick says:

    Try to get my husband back and make my marriage work but he has been on faithful in our marriage for the last couple of years with the same woman she has a boyfriend but continues to see my husband I need them to leave each other alone and I want him to be faithful only to me

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