Prayer For Good Luck To Manifest Fortune & Blessing

Prayer For Good Luck To Manifest Fortune & Blessing

Life can often feel like a roll of the dice – unpredictable and out of our control. In my decades as a voodoo priest harnessing the power of the metaphysical, I’ve discovered prayers focused on inviting greater luck and blessings can profoundly improve odds in your favor.

While not replacing diligent effort, these prayers applied consistently alongside action can unlock breakthroughs, windfalls and good fortune unlike anything previously experienced when facing relentless bad luck.

Let me walk you through sample prayers for luck and blessing you can recite daily, no matter your spiritual background. Discover just how radically life opens up when we request divine intervention on our behalf!

Problems with Chronic Bad Luck

Do you ever feel plagued by an inexplicable streak of terrible luck – despite positive thinking and best efforts, you continually miss out on opportunities, hit obstacles, and rarely catch good breaks?

Constant bad luck drains motivation and breeds pessimism over time. Financial hardship, loneliness and a perpetual uphill battle often persist when luck seems programmed against us.

But what if simply repositioning your spiritual orientation could override stubborn misfortune? Let’s unlock greater blessing!

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Petition the Universe Through Prayer

At the heart of voodoo practice are rituals of petition requesting divine forces intervene on behalf of desires. Most cultures and faith traditions contain some version of petition prayer as supernatural appeal for blessing.

But vague hopes tossed heavenward lack the precision and passion that unlock response. We must approach prayer as intentional crafting of desires launched forcefully into the cosmos, expecting responsive action.

Here are sample “luck prayers” pulling from ancient traditions you can recite to ignite reversal:

Prayer for Change of Luck

“Divine Creator, in the name of the risen Christ I urgently request the drought of bad luck plaguing my life end this instant. I expect a shift bringing sudden good fortune, open doors and blessing flowing freely after facing closed opportunity for so long. I receive my due inheritance of luck and success starting today in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!”

Prayer for Luck and Money

“Lord Shiva, Remover of Darkness, I cry out to You desiring immediate financial freedom from this financial bad luck strangling my household. Manifest the fortune and prosperity You intend through unexpected checks, gifted funds and viable ideas for wealth. Dislodge this cursed stagnancy with blessings flowing 24/7 by Your hand. Om!”

Prayer for Good Luck and Protection

“Heavenly Angels assigned to my family, I commission you right now to reverse the barrage of bad luck and replace it with shields of favor and protection. Redirect anything forged against us into good fortune and blessing in travel, relationships, business and health. Dispatch reinforcements to ensure this good luck lasts, in Jesus’ name!”

Good luck prayer and blessing

As you can see, passionate, specific petition prayer empowers you to author the very miracles you need rather than passively submit to nonexistent “fate.” Formulaically inject your desires into the cosmos intentionally.

Be bold, deliberate and expectant! Of course inner work alongside prayer remains vital, but reflective wallowing must also graduate into commanding heavens.

Don’t live cursed under bad luck’s weight another day. Together let’s commission the white hot blessing attached to your name through fervent luck prayers!

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Break free from bad luck’s unyielding grip on finances, relationships and purpose. Consistent, impassioned prayers invoking divine blessing provide tools for complete reversal of fortunes.

Let’s connect today to unlock your spiritual inheritance of supernatural good luck through devotion to prayer. A world of possibilities awaits with heaven’s odds now aligned to your success!

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