DIY Anti-Anxiety Spell Jar For all witches that promotes Calm and self-love

Anti-Anxiety Spell Jar

Feeling weighed down by anxiety? Creating an anti-anxiety spell jar filled with calming crystals can help relieve stress and promote relaxation.

These special jars harness the healing properties of gemstones and herbs to ease anxious thoughts and feelings. Read on to learn how to make your anti-anxiety spell jar using crystals and intention setting.

 An anti-anxiety jar offers a portable, natural tool to help calm your mind and body. The crystals, herbs, and focused intentions work together to create a soothing talisman.

 Keep and activate this jar whenever you need relief from worry or panic. With the healing energies Closed inside, it can bring tranquillity to chaotic moments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Select crystals known to ease anxiety like amethyst, quartz, aquamarine
  • Add complementary herbs like lavender, passionflower, and chamomile
  • Focus intention on the crystals absorbing and relieving your anxiety issues
  • Arrange contents mindfully in a small glass jar with a lid
  • Tighten the jar lead to contain the energies within
  • Use a small jar such as 5mls for portability and easy carry-on.
  • Charge jar under moonlight before use
  • Activate by holding and visualizing its calming effects
  • Refresh jar under new and full moons to recharge

Naturally, relieve your panic by crafting and using this powerful spell jar filled with soothing crystals and herbs. May it bring you comfort, balance, and inner peace. 

How To Use Anti-Anxiety Spell Jars?

Certain crystals and herbs have natural metaphysical properties that promote relaxation. An anti-anxiety spell jar harnesses these qualities in a convenient and discreet tool that you can carry or place anywhere. The layers of ingredients create a powerful elixir when charged with intention.

 Crafting an anti-anxiety spell jar offers many benefits:

  • Portable and discreet panic relief you can carry anywhere
  • Focused intention magnifies the crystals’ healing properties
  • Jar seals the energies to create a talisman for calmness
  • Customizable based on your specific anxiety needs
  • Combines multiple crystals and herbs for amplified effects
  • Empowering ritual for taking an active role in easing anxiety
  • Natural alternative to panic medication 

How Anti-Anxiety Spell Jars Promote Calmness and Self-love

 Anti-Anxiety Spell Jars Promote Calmness

An anti-anxiety spell jar’s magic works on multiple levels:

  • The physical properties of crystals and herbs induce calm
  • Focused intention charges the jar to a specific purpose
  • Enclosing the ingredients magnifies and contains their energy
  • Holding the jar during anxiety helps direct its effects
  • The jar acts as a talisman reflecting your desire for serenity

DIY Guide to Make Your Spell Bottle

Follow these steps to create your own calming anti-anxiety spell jar:

Choose Your spell bottle

Select a small glass jar with a lid – canning jars work great. Darker colored glass blocks extra energy.

Cleanse the Jar

Before using, cleanse the jar by washing it with salt water or holding over burning sage or incense.

Select Your Crystals and Herbs

Choose a combination of anxiety-soothing crystals and herbs described in this article. Trust your intuition.

Focus Intention

Hold the crystals one at a time and focus your intention on each to bring calm and relieve anxiety.

Arrange the Contents

Layer the crystals and herbs in the jar with a purposeful arrangement based on the properties of your altar.

Seal the Lid

Close the lid tightly with melted candle wax to contain the energies within.

Charge the Jar

Leave the jar out overnight under full moonlight to absorb its powerful energetic charge.

Activate When Needed

When feeling anxiety arise, hold the jar in your hands and visualize its soothing energies washing over you. 

Making Anti-Anxiety Magic by Intention

Tailor your anti-anxiety spell jar’s contents based on your specific needs:

  • Generalized anxiety – Amethyst, lavender, clear quartz
  • Social/Performance panic – Citrine, iris, bay leaves
  • Panic Attacks – Lepidolite, passionflower
  • Obsessive Thoughts – Hematite, white jade, thyme
  • Exam Stress – Carnelian, peppermint, fluorite
  • Travel Anxiety – Moonstone, ginger, turquoise

Which Crystals soothe Anxiety

Crystals and gemstones have long been used for their metaphysical healing properties. Combining certain crystals in a spell jar creates a synergistic effect that enhances their calming energies. But how exactly do the crystals impart their magic? Here are some of the ways they help relieve anxiety:

  • Absorbing Negative Energy – Crystals like shungite neutralize anxious thoughts and feelings.
  • Promoting Relaxation – Amethyst and lepidolite infuse the mind and body with tranquil vibrations ideal for calming anxiety.
  • Energetic Cleansing – Quartz crystals help purge stagnant energy that can contribute to anxiety.
  • Soothing Emotions – Gentle stones like aquamarine calm turbulent emotions.
  • Chakra Alignment – Balancing the chakras with crystals can ease anxiety originating from blocked energy. 

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Best Crystals To use in your jar spell

Selecting the right crystals is key to creating an effective anti-anxiety jar. Here are some of the top choices:


  • Purifying stone that relieves stress and soothes frazzled nerves
  • Promotes a feeling of calm and emotional balance
  • Eases uneasiness, worry, and obsessive thinking
  • Helps induce relaxation and sleep

Clear Quartz

  • Amplifies the energy of other crystals
  • Powerful for cleansing stagnant and negative energy
  • Restores emotional balance and inner harmony
  • Calms turmoil and chaotic thoughts

Rose Quartz

  • Emotionally soothing for feelings of anxiety, fear, and panic
  • Opens heart chakra to melt away stress and tension
  • Encourages self-trust, comfort, and inner peace
  • Soothes emotions like a loving embrace

Blue Lace Agate

  • Alleviates panic attacks and emotional turmoil
  • Instills feelings of tranquility and calm
  • For gently soothing frayed nerves
  • Encourages being present in the moment 

Herbs that work best in Anti Anxiety Jars

Certain herbs have natural sedative and relaxation properties that make them ideal additions to anti-anxiety spell jars. Try combining crystals with:

  • Lavender – Induces calm and eases nervousness.
  • Chamomile – Relieves tension and promotes tranquility.
  • Passionflower – Soothes anxiety and panic.
  • Valerian – Reduces stress and helps relaxation.
  • Skullcap – Eases uneasiness and emotional imbalance.
  • Lemon Balm – Uplifts mood and encourages calm mindfulness.

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Amplifying your jar at home

You can amplify your anti-anxiety spell jar’s effects by:

  • Adding calming essential oils like lavender or chamomile
  • Using candles, incense, or smudging to cleanse while manifesting
  • Including meaningful charms, imagery, or affirmations
  • Pairing with an anointed aromatherapy necklace
  • Creating a complementary self-love or sleep spell jar
  • Keeping jar charged under full and new moons

Tips for Success

Follow these tips when making and using your spell jar to help with bringing peaceful energy:

  • Select a small glass jar with a lid to contain the energy
  • Cleanse all ingredients before use
  • Arrange contents mindfully based on properties
  • Seal the jar tightly to preserve the magical elixir
  • Keep the jar visible so its energy can permeate your space
  • Shake or hold the jar often to keep the ingredients active
  • Recharge under full and new moons monthly
  • Focus your intention clearly during the crafting ritual
  • Repeat a soothing mantra as you activate the jar

Craft Your Own Anti-Anxiety Magick

An anti-anxiety spell jar offers a personalized way to harness natural energies for calming your mind and body. Choose ingredients wisely, infuse them with intention, and create a talisman to help soothe turbulent emotions and manifest tranquility. This simple ritual can provide portable relief whenever anxiety strikes.

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