Make A Protection Spell Jar: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Protection Spell Jars

Protection spell jars have become a popular ritual tool among modern witches seeking to safeguard themselves and their spaces from negative energies. 

These customized jars are filled with crystals, herbs, and other magickal ingredients believed to create an energetic shield against harm. Read on for a comprehensive guide to making, charging, and caring for your own protection jar.

Key takeaways:

  • With periodic recharging, a jar for protection can maintain its power anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. Recharge it regularly to keep the contents activated and energetically potent.
  • Keep your jar somewhere central in your home where its energy can spread outward. Or carry it on your person if you want the protection to follow you.
  • Small 1 oz to 4 oz spell jars have ideal portability and enough room for multiple ingredients. Mini jars work for carrying in pockets or bags.
  • Recharge about every lunar cycle, or when you intuitively feel the power has diminished. Pay attention to signs that it may need a refresh.
  • You can reuse the same jar by removing old contents and starting fresh with new chosen elements. Just wash and cleanse it first.
  • It’s best to keep your protection spell jar private to avoid outside interference with its energy. Use discretion when displaying it.

Protection Spell Jars and How Do They Work?

A protection spell jar, also called a witch’s jar or witch bottle, is a glass jar filled with items like crystals, herbs, symbols, and intentions specifically chosen for their protective qualities. The jar seals these ingredients in a container to focus and amplify their energies for defensive magick.

Placing a charged protection spell jar in your home establishes a powerful force field that repels negative influences and spirits. The jar’s effects can also extend to your body and energy field when carried on your person.

By harnessing the inherent powers of nature, protection spell jars allow witches to practice ancient witchcraft of magick.

Choosing Crystals & Herbs for Protection

Crystals & Herbs for Protection spell jar

Selecting the right combination of crystals and herbs is key to making a potent protection spell jar. Take time to cleanse and charge each ingredient with your intentions before placing them in the jar.


  • Black Tourmaline – Purifies energy and grounds spiritual forces. Powerful stone for banishing negativity.
  • Obsidian – Strong protective vibes to block psychic attacks. Helps cut etheric cords.
  • Amethyst – Raises spiritual vibration to a protective frequency of divine love.
  • Clear Quartz – Amplifies the energies of other crystals and intentions placed in the jar.
  • Fluorite – Absorbs chaotic energy and helps maintain focus and equilibrium.
  • Citrine – Warm golden energy that repels negative forces and attracts success.


  • Rosemary – A purifying herb that cleanses and removes curses or hexes. Associated with protection.
  • Sage – Smudging herb that purifies spaces and aura from bad energy. Banishes what is unwanted.
  • Bay Leaf – Used in protection magic for ages to ward off negativity and banish evil spirits.
  • Cinnamon – Raises vibration and acts as a spiritual disinfectant to clear stagnant energy.
  • Cloves – Powerful at purifying space. Also used for banishing and stimulating protection.
  • Salt – Purifies space and absorbs negative energy. Makes spirits dissipate.

Step-By-Step Instructions To make your own protection jar

Follow these steps to make a spell jar for protection on your own:

Choose a Glass Jar

Select a small glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Canning jars work perfectly. Dark-colored glass blocks out extra energy.

Cleanse the Jar

Cleanse your jar before using it by washing it in salt water or holding it over the smoke of incense or a purifying herb bundle. This clears any stagnant energy.

Write Your Intentions

Write down your intentions for protection on a small piece of paper. Include what you want to protect yourself or your space against and any positive affirmations.

Add the Crystals and Herbs

Place your chosen crystals and herbs into the jar one at a time. As you add each one, focus on its protective qualities and the purpose you want it to serve.

Include Symbolic Charms

Add any other charms, like an evil eye, pentacle, runes, or sigils that represent protection in your tradition. Arrange them intentionally.

Seal the Lid

Seal the jar by dripping candle wax over the lid or coating the lid with a thin layer of oil to “bind” the contents together.

Charge Under the Moon

Leave your sealed jar out overnight or longer under the light of the full moon to absorb its energetic charge.

Find a Protected Spot

Keep your charged protection spell jar in a prominent location where its energies can radiate outward over your home or body when carried.

Customizing Your Protection Spell Jar

Tailor your protection spell jar to your specific needs by choosing ingredients that relate to your concern. Here are some examples:

  • Bad Energy Protection – Black tourmaline, sage, bay leaves
  • Psychic Attack Protection – Obsidian, clove, salt
  • Curse Breaking – Rosemary, cinnamon, pentacle charm
  • Nightmares/Bad Dreams – Amethyst, chamomile, feathers
  • Shadow Work/Banishing Fears – Flourite, bay leaves, runes

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Spell Jars to Ward Off Bad Vibes

In addition to personal protection, spell jars can be utilized to safeguard your living space from negative energy. By strategically placing protection spell jars in different areas of your home, you can create a network of protective energy, minimizing the impact of negative influences and promoting a harmonious environment.

Protective Spells for Your Living Space

Designing protection spell jars for specific rooms or areas within your home, such as the bedroom or workspace, allows you to tailor the protective energies to the unique needs of each environment. This targeted approach ensures that every area of your home is shielded from negativity and discord.

Using Spell Jars to Enhance Your Home’s Energy

Besides providing protection, spell jars contribute to enhancing the overall energy of your home, infusing it with positivity and a sense of tranquility. When placed in areas where they’ll be seen often, such as on mantles or shelves, protection spell jars serve as visually appealing and functional additions to your living space.

Use your intuition to guide you in selecting crystals, herbs, and symbols for your intention. Trust your inner wisdom when crafting your jar.

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Activating and Recharging Your Jar

Activating and Recharging Your Jar

To activate your protection spell jar’s power, display it prominently. To regularly recharge it:

  • Open the jar once a month under a full moon and add a pinch of salt.
  • Surround with burning sage or incense every few weeks to cleanse.
  • Place it in sunlight and moonlight periodically to absorb its purification energies.
  • Reaffirm your original intentions by repeating them over the open jar.
  • If the contents fade, add more crystals and herbs as needed.
  • When protection feels weakened, perform a ritual to re-activate the jar.

Proper charging and care will maintain the potency of your jar spell for a long time. Refresh it as needed to keep your home and self safe from harm.

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Enhancing Your Spell Jar with Witchcraft Tools

Using Incense and Herbs for Added Protection

Enhancing Your Spell Jar

Incorporating protective herbs and incense adds depth and potency to your spell jar. Herbs such as sage, rosemary, and juniper possess cleansing and protective properties, while certain incense blends can be used for purification and banishing negative energies.

Integrating Tarot Cards and Divination Tools

Integrating Tarot Cards and Divination Tools

Utilizing tarot cards and other divination tools can provide insight into potential sources of negative energy, enabling you to tailor your protection spell jar to address specific concerns or vulnerabilities. Their use adds a layer of divinely guided protection to your spellcraft.

Utilizing Quartz and Other Amplifying Tools

Utilizing Quartz and Other Amplifying Tools

Clear quartz, in particular, is revered for its amplifying properties and is often used to enhance the energies of other magical tools and components, including protection spell jars.

Utilizing quartz and other amplifying tools helps to strengthen the protective qualities of the spell jar, making it even more effective in warding off negative energy.

Ready to Make your own protection spell

Protection spell jars provide modern witches with a portable and customizable way to establish energetic shields through the power of nature. With the proper selection of crystals, herbs, and talismans specific to your concerns, you can create a potent defense against harm.

Place your filled jar in a space of prominence and care for it regularly to maintain spiritual safety for yourself and your home. The magick is in your hands – now go craft the perfect protection spell jar!

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