How To Perform Sage Smudging For The First Time

How To Perform Sage Smudging

Smudging with sage is an ancient ritual used to cleanse spaces and people of negative energy. While this practice has its roots in Native American tradition, the use of sage smoke to purify has become common in many spiritual circles today.

However, some misconceptions exist around burning sage – namely that it can summon spirits or demons. This is simply not true. Sage emits a powerful positive vibration that actually repels lower energies.

The ritual of saging can be a beautiful and uplifting way to rid yourself and your environment of bad vibes and welcome more light. With the right education, sage smudging can become an empowering spiritual practice for you.

Magical Properties of  Sage:

  • Burning sage does not summon spirits or demons
  • The smoke drives away lower vibrations rather than attracting them
  • Sage smoke is cleansing and purifying rather than dangerous
  • Properly burned, sage will not cause issues like migraines

Recognizing the Need for Space Cleansing

It’s not always obvious when a space has accumulated stagnant or negative energy. However, there are some telltale signs that a cleansing is in order:

Frequent Arguments/Irritability

If you find yourself getting into frequent arguments or feeling frequently irritated for no clear reason, negative energy may be accumulating in your home. Cleansing with sage can help purge any emotional buildup and restore a sense of harmony.

Feeling Drained/Fatigued

Do you feel unusually drained or fatigued lately, even when you get enough sleep? Lingering negative energy can be an emotional and physical drain. Sage smudging helps to lift away this density so you feel re-energized.

Sleep Disturbances

If you or others in your household have trouble sleeping soundly, it may indicate the space needs to be saged. The purifying smoke helps provide a neutral energetic slate so you can rest deeply.

Moving into a New Space

Whenever moving into a new home, apartment or office, smudging should be on your to-do list. You want to cleanse away any residue left behind by previous inhabitants before making the space your own.

After an Illness

Illness often carries a heavy, stagnant energy. Once the sickness has passed, saging the home helps lighten the atmosphere again. It signals to your body/mind that the illness has moved on.

Preparing for Ceremony

Burning sage before rituals, prayers or ceremonies helps clear the space so positive energy flows freely. The smoke carries away any hindering energy as you call in higher guidance.

Trust your intuition – if a space feels heavy, murky or off, sage cleansing can help shift the energy so you feel comfortable and uplifted again

Types of Sage

White sage – most common, used to dispel negative energy

Garden sage – has a lighter scent, good for cleansing and purifying

Desert sage – native to Southwest US, strong earthy scent

Pine & cedar sage – adds a forest-like aroma to cleansing

How to Prepare for your smudging ceremony

Before smudging your home, office or yourself with sage, it’s important to take a few preparatory steps. This will ensure the process goes smoothly and the cleansing is most effective.

Clean the Space Give the area a quick tidying beforehand. This allows the sage smoke to circulate freely. Try to remove clutter that could block the cleansing effects.

Turn Off Electronics Power down TVs, radios, and silence cell phones. This clears away distractions so you can focus fully on the ritual.

Open Windows If weather allows, open windows in each room. Fresh airflow prevents sage smoke from getting overpowering. It also gives negative energy an exit point.

Tie Back Hair, Wear Tight Clothing Secure long hair and avoid baggy clothes. This prevents accidental fires from falling ashes during the smudging process.

Prepare Heat-Proof Dish Have a fireproof container ready to catch falling ash and embers. Many use an abalone shell, but a candle lid or ash tray also works.

Smudge in the Morning Saging in the morning takes advantage of fresh, light energy before the day’s pressures settle in. But anytime is fine.

Start at the Bottom, Work Up Begin smudging in the lowest level of the space, like a basement. Work upward to upper floors. This covers the energy flow.

Set Your Intention Before starting, set a clear purpose for the cleansing. What do you want to accomplish? Healing, renewal, removing stagnation? State this intention aloud.

Create a Mantra Come up with a short mantra to repeat during smudging. Thank the earth and spirits for assisting you in the purification.

Have Backups Ready Light tealight candles in each room as backups. Use these to relight your sage bundle if the smoke starts fading.

With proper preparation, your sage smudging experience will be focused, safe, and powerfully purifying. The more intent you bring, the deeper the cleanse.

How to Remove a Spirit from a House: Cleansing and Protection

Cleanse the Air: Sage Smudging for Home Cleansing

Smudging with sage can help cleanse your home of negative or stagnant energies. It’s ideal to do this when moving into a new space or anytime the home feels heavy. For best results, open the windows to let the smoke and energy escape.

Items needed:

Sage bundle or loose sage leaves

Fireproof bowl or abalone shell

Matches or lighter

How to cast:

Hold the unlit sage bundle and set your intention to cleanse the space.

Light one end of the bundle until it starts smoking.

Carry the smoking sage around each room, letting the smoke reach all corners and surfaces.

As you walk, visualize the smoke absorbing negativity.

Open windows if possible.

When finished, extinguish any embers left in the sage bundle by pressing into a glass or metal dish.

Dispose of ashes outside.

What to expect: You’ll feel a lighter, purified vibration in your home afterward. any negative energy will be dispelled, making room for harmony.

Manifestation spell

Sage Energy Boost: Vitality Spell

Burning sage can cleanse your aura and energy field, providing an invigorating boost. Use this when you need more motivation or stamina. Early morning is ideal, but anytime works. Keep windows open.

Items needed:

Small sage bundle

Fireproof bowl


How to cast:

Light the sage bundle, let it ignite fully.

Stand over the smoking sage, close your eyes, inhale deeply to draw the smoke around you.

Visualize the smoke clearing stagnation from your aura and energy field as you exhale.

Repeat until you feel energized, grounded and renewed.

When finished, extinguish any embers left in the sage bundle.

Dispose of ashes outside.

What to expect: An overall sense of revitalization, lighter vibration around you, and increased motivation. This sage cleansing can set your intention for the day.

Spiritual House Cleansing banishing negative energy from your house

Shield of Sage: Banishing Spell

Burning sage repels lower energies and provides psychic protection. Use this spell when you feel vulnerable or need to establish boundaries. Friday evenings are ideal. Keep windows cracked.

Items needed:

Sage wand or bundle

Heat-safe dish


How to cast:

Light the end of the sage wand or bundle.

Hold it carefully. Stand in the center of your space and turn slowly clockwise.

As you turn, visualize sage smoke forming a protective sphere around you.

State aloud your intention to be shielded.

See the sphere dispelling any negative energy.

Extinguish any embers left in the sage.

Dispose of ashes outside.

What to expect: A sense of security within your space and life. Push away bad vibes and welcome positivity. Repeat whenever you need extra spiritual protection.

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