Voodoo love spells using hair that really work

Voodoo love spells using hair that really work

Voodoo love spells using hair that really work. If you believe or know that your lover Is not settled or someone is making things hard between the two of you. And you are really serious about ensuring that your relationship works despite the challenges and interference by a third party. Then a voodoo binding spell using hair is the right ritual for you.

For decades I have dedicated my life and time to honor my gifts and use them to help those in desperate need. People like you who seem stranded and left with one choice and that is to give up. If you are here that means you have chosen to fight and not give in to the punch’s life throws at you.

Let me help you using hair magic spells to solve your relationship problems and eliminate the source and root cause of the challenges in your love life.

Voodoo love spell using his hair

Take a lock of hair from the person you desire. At the night of a new moon, twist his/her hair together with a lock of your own and a red silk thread. Add a drop of your blood to the hair to strengthen the spell. Tie the hair and thread into a ring shape, if it is too short wrap, it in a piece of red silk. Keep this next to your skin until the person is yours.

If your man has left you. Write your name and his on a piece of parchment in red ink. Encircle the names three times and bury the parchment. Your lover should soon return full of apologies.

To keep someone faithful, take a lock of their hair and rub it with ash and honey. If they start to wander, repeat the faithfulness spell using hair.

Voodoo love spells using hair

If your man loses interest in you, write his name in red ink on a piece of paper and hide it under the telephone. At the new moon, light a pink candle when you think he is most likely to ring. Let the candle burn for half an hour while you concentrate on his image. Do this for seven days.

love spell with hair to attract a partner or make someone fall in love with you

Used to attract a partner or make someone fall in love with you. If you want a particular person to fall in love with you, use a doll to represent him or her. It’s best to make the doll yourself. Make it from natural materials such as wax, wood, clay or straw, or sew a rag doll. You could buy a ready-made one, but it will not be as powerful as making your own. You should obtain something belonging to the person that you are pursuing (lock of hair, nail-clipping etc). This will add extra potency to the hair spell.

Make your doll on the first day of the new moon. While calling out the name of your desired partner, scratch or write their name on the doll. For writing, your blood is best, but you can use red ink with a drop of your blood mixed in. Gently prick the doll where its heart would be with a thorn or pin, as you do this recite these words;

As This Thorn Pierces Your Heart,

So Let It Be Pierced With Love For Me.


Love is a beautiful and wonderful feeling to be shared and nourished with a person that is willingly reciprocating. It hurts as much to care and love someone who doesn’t love you back. With voodoo love spells using hair make your partner fall deeply in love with you and stay committed and faithful.

For guaranteed results and manifestation of love, affection and commitment from you desired partner. Contact me right away.

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