A Powerful Spell To Make Him Accept Your Marriage Proposal in 7 days

Spell To Make Him Accept Your Marriage Proposal

Consider casting a powerful spell to make him accept your marriage proposal quickly. It’s only due to certain reasons that your partner is refusing your hand in marriage. Just know that with a powerful marriage proposal spell and Priest NDUGA’s help you are heading to the altar to say your vows in no time by making him propose in days.

Why do you have to consider casting a marriage proposal spell

  • Your partner is having cold feet

It’s no surprise that your partner for years could turn your marriage proposal down. Either because they have cold feet or anxiety about a long and permanent relationship with one person who is you.

  • Another suiter is present in his/her life

Sometimes it’s not just fear but another person in their life making him/her consider them as an option for marriage. This means a lot that he was never faithful and all along he has been stringing you along to wait for the other person’s decision on marriage, not you.

  • Family pressure to marry a specific person

Sometimes family is the opinion we need to choose the people we get married to and in the other case, it’s the other way round. Your family can be against the person your heart wants and it causes hurt and misery in your life rather than happiness. Make parents accept marriage using the Spell To Make Him Accept Your Marriage Proposal.

  • Magic spell on your lover

We live in a world full of selfish minds and bodies. In Africa hearing about witchcraft is not news and so is banishing it away. Your partner could be acting out of black magic controlling him/her to refuse your marriage proposal in favor of another. So cast the Spell To Make Him Accept Your Marriage Proposal and rid him of the black magic Control

Make him-her see you as his wife or husband using the marriage proposal spell

Falling in love with someone is the easiest part of all relationships. Then comes making him/her fall in love with you too. Most clients I receive have found this one but he is either playing games, hard to get or not into them that much, only seeing them as a friend and that’s all.

With a powerful spell to make him accept your marriage proposal, you need not say much. Only the purity of accepting fate and loving one person is the fuel that drives success in the spell itself.  Pure intentions and fidelity to your chosen partner are what make the spell work for many.

Other people seek sex spells and lust spells to feed their desires but you are strong and unique in your own way. GOD created us to have a never satisfied heart but if you can fight that feeling and look away. You are the person I am willing to help nail down your future husband or wife. Be it in gay or straight marriage.

spell to make him propose and improve your relationship

Love spells that work and is cast for one and only one thing to attain a marriage proposal and see you through till yes I do. Whatever is making your partner play around or refuse your marriage proposal will be dealt with. Is it family, another person in his life, black magic influence name it?

Soften your partner’s heart and the people against you to support you and his decision to be exclusive. It’s your time to say yes and put the ring on the finger.  


Marriage is a big step and decision in life and when you feel your heart has settled for someone the obstacles to reach your goal are only delaying the inevitable if he is your he will be. And the spell to make him/her accept your marriage proposal is a catalyst to your chemistry.   

Don’t let your soulmate go just like that because of a few hiccups here and there. Contact me I will help you smoothen your transition to marriage and also prevent the number one cause of bad marriage {cheating in marriage}

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