Spell to get over someone – forget about an ex-lover

Spell to get over someone - forget about an ex-lover

Spell to get over someone – forget about an ex-lover. When you have been hurt and scared to the deepest part of your being {soul} it is hard to melt and make this disappear. And the pain just gets worse with time, not the other way around. You reach an extent to being called mad, jealous and the sort. Even visit a psychologist or councilor to help you forget the heart break and misery someone put you through.  

You wish to forget what this person put you through but nothing. It is eating you alive including your efforts for a new beginning to find a new partner or move on in life. Stop all this with my help, let us wash away the memories of this scenario and create a new you.

Starting over is hard due to the time and dedication it takes but with a spell to get over someone you will have a once in a lifetime chance to turn your life around. Heal a broken heart and create opportunities for a new love life. The most hurtful part is not forgetting the good things you shared with him/her as well as the way he treated you in the end.

If you have experience in casting spells and love rituals, try this free love spell at home…

Love spell to forget about an ex-lover~

To Forget about an Ex-lover This spell is done best at the time of the Waning Moon or New Moon. It is not done to get rid of a former partner, but to exorcize your bad feelings about them. It is sensible to finish the spell by sending loving thoughts to them. Woody nightshade is poisonous and you may not care to use it, in which case you can use a bulb of garlic.


  • Photograph of your ex-partner
  • Suitable container for burning the photograph (one in which the ashes can be saved)
  • Root of bittersweet (woody nightshade, which is poisonous) or a bulb of garlic
  • Red cloth or bag


  • Place the picture of your ex-partner in the container. Set it alight.
  • Gather up all your hurt and pain as the picture burns down. Feel them flowing away from you as you say these words or similar:

Leave my heart and leave me free

Leave my life, no pain for me.

As this picture burns to dust,

Help me now, move on I must.

  • Repeat the words until the picture is burnt out.
  • Taking the herb root or garlic, hold it first to your solar plexus.
  • Allow the bad feelings to flow into the root or garlic. Touch the root or garlic to your forehead, indicating that you have converted the bad feelings to good.
  • Wrap everything, including the container of ashes, in your red bag or cloth.
  • As soon as convenient, bury it as far away from your home as possible.

Use this spell to get over someone or forget about an ex-lover if you have had a relationship which is argumentative and turned nasty it is often better to end it and move on. This must always be your choice but if you wish to try again you may like to try the to stop an argument spell

Love spell to forget about an ex-lover

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